Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Student of the Week Lunch Pass

I am a teacher with 2 hours of lunchtime cafeteria duty every day. Some of my colleagues see me as "not a real teacher" because of the subject I teach, which is a high- level combo of four disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and math.

I'm a real teacher. This class is harder to teach than literature, which is my certification. I'm not complaining, though. :). I like my class. Don't tell on me or they might take it away from me. Lol

Other teachers like to send their students to lunch and their kids tell us, "I'm Student of the Week, so I get to cut and be first in line, with this friend I've chosen." Hey, I don't have a problem with arbitrarily treating certain kids like that. But could you please give them a note or name tag or something as proof, so that the rest of the kids don't try to lynch them when a couple of liars pop up at the front of 100 of their angry classmates?

I could make something like that myself, easily. Why don't they do it? Heck, I'd make them some incredibly sturdy personalized passes if they didn't mind paying for the materials. I made mine five years ago, and they are still holding up fantastically.

I got really tired of mine coming back from the bathroom soggy or broken, so I made them incredibly tough.

And stylish. :) Because I can. Lol

Hey, wait a minute. Who is to say that I can't just give some of the kids from my own classes the privilege of cutting in front of the rest? :) I can! Who would stop me? Mwaahaaahaa!

One of my first creative projects for the school year (after I finish making curtains for my windows that have been barren for five years) will be a line pass. I'll make it similar to my "bling" hall passes from old CDs I've decorated and put on a soft neck cord. When they come through the lunch line that day, they can return it to me, easily.

After all, I'm going to be in the cafeteria the whooooole time. :).

I can do stuff the kids like too, darn it.

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