Wednesday, July 18, 2012

you're BAD luck!

My next door neighbor, a very nice fellow, has a new roommate that scared the CRAP out of me as I was mowing my yard.  I went back to open the gate to the backyard, and there he was, wanting to chat.  Earlier today, I was in my bedroom and I heard the sound of my back gate closing, but I didn't look fast enough to see anything.  I wonder.

Um... I was kinda in the middle of something and he was creepy, so I made the required intros and small talk for a moment and then got back to my chore.

If there is one thing I have learned to listen to, it's when my intuition sets off those warnings about some people.  I've ignored it to my peril before.  I just wish it would buzz me on ALL the bad people I meet.

He had told me he was on a waiting list for a local apartment and my neighbor was helping him out until he could get his apartment.  In exchange for the room, he's going to keep the yard mowed and weeded.  But he won't have any money to buy a lawn mower until sometime later in the fall.  Uh huh.

First thing that happened as I was mowing in the backyard, I got covered in hundreds of very sharp TINY cockleburrs.  I don't know how they got inside my clothes, but there they were, inside and out, and in my hair too.  OUCH.  Scratching me with every move I made, so I pulled off as many as I could and finished mowing. I just found some tangled into the hair at the nape of my neck.  This just keeps getting worse.

As I was driving around to put the mower up, the new guy comes up waving his hands for me to stop.  I had to take my earbuds out to hear him.

Immediately, my silver and diamond (it's a CZ but the earrings were not cheap.) earring goes flying off.  All I found was the pack.

Great.  As he pretends to look for it with me for a moment, the old fella who considers the street HIS street for mowing-for-hire came up, and I heard him ask the old guy for money for cigarettes.  He said he would pay him for that money when he paid him for the other mowing he got him to do, in the fall when he gets some more money.

I ignored it and kept looking for my earring.  Then he asked me how much I would charge him to mow the yard for him, and he'd pay me later for it.  I told him I've got somewhere to be (it's true - hunting for my earring has put me behind) so the old guy jumps in and tells him he'll do it, and he trusts the new guy to pay him more than my (always very nice) neighbor, who apparently owes him $13 on a past mowing job.

As the old guy goes off to get his mower, looking smug for taking a yard mowing "job" away from me (why he thinks I even want to mow MY yard is beyond me, much less do extra for money), the new roommate asks me if I smoke.  I told him sorry, I don't.  I spared him my lecture about how disgusting it is, and how easily i get bronchitis.

:)  You're welcome.  I can be a real self-righteous wench about smoking in my clean air.

The new guy starts chatting me up again.  He's heard that I'm a nurse.  (No, I'm not.)  I figured he was going to ask me for cash like he did the other guy, so I marked where i was when I lost the earring and said I'd have to come back later for it.  I'm pissed.  Really pissed.  He just cost me $50 with his urgent need to stop me just as I was trying to store the mower.  First pair of earrings I've been able to keep in long enough to heal my re-pierced ears, without an allergic reaction and infection, and now they're history.

Hey, give me a break.  Nice jewelry is something i don't have. That's why I'm rather attached to the two rings I have.  And that one nice pair of earrings.

Oh great. My silver ring is gone too.  I don't even know when it came off. But it was while I was out there today.

Okay, that's three strikes.  Now I really dislike him.  Not only did he give me the creeps, he's serious bad luck.  Maybe it's not his fault, but he was there. I guess that it's time for me to get locks put on the gates to my backyard.  He just gives me a really bad vibe, considering what he told me next.

He was telling me that he knows smoking is bad for him, and all.  Been smoking since he was 11.  And look at him now, at 55.

HA!!!!  My brother is 50.   My dad is 76.  That man is 70 if he's a day.  So why is he lying to me about his age?

Oh, ewww...  :(  Not another one.  If this guy turns out to be the stalker type like the old fella down the street, I'm gonna get a gun.  I really am. And I'm going to be liberal with my complaints to the police.

*sigh*  Well, I really do have somewhere to be.  And then I have to go search my yard after dark with a flashlight, and hope the sparkle from the stone helps me find my earring. :(  And maybe my ring.  :(

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