Saturday, August 18, 2012

Duran Duran in Memphis

Wow! That's all I can say. Ok, I'm done.

:) Just kidding! Saw D2 at the Memphis Botanic Garden for the first time in my life and it was a terrific show. I danced the entire time, except for a few moments when I had to catch my breath.

Today I'm hoarse from all my screaming and sore all over like I've taken a beating with a stick. My chest hurts because a couple of my screams seem to have caused an injury at the time. Yeah, ow. In short, I loved it. Lol.

I even overslept so late today that I missed lunch with the friends I attended the concert with! I didn't mean to. :(. I wanted to go. It just happened. No alcohol involved, I promise. :). I fell asleep almost fully dressed and had the most crazily active and detailed dreams of a place that exists only in my mind. It was colorful and I was there for hours. I believe that's my brain telling me to "Stay down!" and rest. Yeah, I should have gone looking for a certain fellow in my dream. Bet I would have found him.

According to comments the band made on Twitter after the show, we weren't supposed to be dancing at that venue. Oh? Well, TOUGH! Simon LeBon even went into the table area a couple of times to get people to sing and do intros. I wish I'd been at one of the tables to get a better view of the stage, but I think those tickets sold out pretty early. Still, they had lots of big screens broadcasting close-ups, and that was helpful.

Lots of energy in the show and even a few jokes. Several drunk-monkey dancing people in the audience that were hilarious. :).

Ah, but they didn't play "The Man Who Stole a Leopard" and I wanted them to. Maybe some other time. I love that song and "Too Bad You're So Beautiful" but I knew they wouldn't play it. Ah, maybe some day. :). No clue about how they choose set lists and I'm sure there is a great discussion and reasoning for every song played.

To be edited and added to later... My brain needs a little catchup time.

And maybe a few more hours' sleep. :)

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