Friday, August 17, 2012

Forget the cheesecloth!

Someone paid me a very nice compliment today. I was wearing the new shirt I made, completely handpainted and glittered over in red, black, and silver, with slashed and tied sleeves and hips. She said that I had missed my calling and I should be selling my designs. :)

That started my day off well. I like to feel that other people admire my handiwork rather than snickering behind my back about it. Or even to my face. Yikes. I need others' approval because my fashion sense has always been a bit shaky.

When I was seven, I found a bolt of material in our house and proceeded to make a few items of clothing with it. Most memorable were the tank top I wrapped up as a Christmas gift for my sister's boyfriend and the dress I made for myself. I was so proud of my handiwork I wore the dress over my clothes to school.

I suppose here is where I should tell you that the fabric was a bolt of cheesecloth. :D. As in, for straining cheese and not for making actual garments.

My brother took me to school that day and probably tried to warn me off wearing that raggedy thing into the school, but ended with an attitude of "it's your funeral" before I got out of the car. He still gives me hell about that dress. Lol.

Hey, I was just an ugly little girl who wanted to look pretty. Dress = pretty, right?

At this stage of my life I really didn't yet understand how basic components like atoms were put together to make materials and structures. The best I could figure was that names of things were written on paper and put together and they just magically made... Stuff. I certainly didn't understand that certain fabrics were appropriate for making evening wear and some were appropriate for making rags to wash the car. :D. Live and learn. Eventually.

I began to understand later that year that substances could be extracted and put together to make new things. I started learning how to cook and that was my introduction to chemistry. Aha put stuff together, make new stuff. Buy the stuff you need in a store if you have to.

This was really the beginning of my realization that as I learned more and more, the world around me started to coalesce into a connected structure for me. I started to understand things. Eventually, even what I heard on the news started making sense, along with grown up jokes. When it all finally clicked, the fog had cleared and I was an adult.

Bye bye childhood? Not on your life. Though right now the adult me is using a very fancy sewing machine to recreate a taffeta bed skirt that needed a functional redesign. Taffeta is a pain. :) But with Velcro, such success shall be possible. After I sew all these small pieces on. Then spinning my mattress should no longer cause chaos only appropriate to a 7 year old amateur seamstress's bedroom. :)

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