Sunday, August 19, 2012

Manicotti Thoughts

I'm cooking lunch. And dinner. And probably lunch and dinner for a few days hence. Whatever. This is what happens when you are single and cook from scratch. You either eat it for days or throw it away when you get tired of it.

I know there is a way for me to reduce this recipe to single servings, but right now I don't want to think about the math. Freezing is an option, but all I want to think about right now is eating.

Too bad there isn't someone else who wants to share this meal with me. Or maybe there is. In the spirit of tennis, the ball is in his court and I'm trying to be patient, rather than pestering. I'm not even sure if he likes pasta.

I haven't made this dish in about ten years. The last time I made it was for a guy I was dating, and I associated the dish with that whole unpleasant situation.

I'm at the age when I enjoy quiet cuddling on the couch. Going out to noisy places makes me a little nervous. Screaming men who try to drive the car into a tree or stab huge holes in walls with blunt instruments are not my cup of tea. Really, I can do without the drama. I get a full day's serving of it at work with my students. :)

Moving on... I mixed up the mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan cheeses with some herbs and spices. I have no idea the amounts on any of it... A couple of cups here, a couple of cups there, the entire bag of shredded Parmesan, and shells cooking on the stove.

Ah, there's the debate. A purist would tell me that I should be using only manicotti tubes, and I am NOT. They're hard to stuff with the cheese mixture unless you break out the equipment. Then there are those who cut the tubes open for simplicity, stuff them, and hide the cut place on the bottom of the baking pan. Of course, when you serve the manicotti, those open tubes want to open up, slither out of your grasp, and spill their guts all over the place. This is not a plan for a happy and satisfying meal. Lol

So I bought pasta shaped like giant shells. Easy to stuff, and obviously the open side has to go on top anyway, but won't open up and dump the filling everywhere. Unchallenging food is important to me. :)

I cooked a few too many shells, which was fine because about that many tore while cooking. My dog loved getting to eat the torn ones. I wonder if he missed the cheese filling and tomato sauce? Oh well, moving on. Hopefully my memory served me correctly and it will be tasty.

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