Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monkey Ears and Burgundy Dilemmas

I'm a bit puzzled this morning. I woke up feeling well-rested and relatively pain free (well, until my feet hit the floor and my legs screamed hello. LOL) but a few minutes later, my back started hurting. The same problem area between my spine and shoulder blade, and running down under my shoulder blade feels like it is crawling within the muscle. Yeah, that's a creepy feeling. Haha. Oh, but there is a new detail. That patch of skin makes me think that it is itching, it when I reach back to scratch it, it's numb. Oh dear. And here I thought the nerve problem was restricted to a pinched nerve in my lower back that's now troubling both of my legs.

Well, the neurosurgeon DID tell me that though my spine is healthy, the nerve problem is a degenerative one and there is nothing I can do about it but take pain pills that will make me gain weight.

Eh, no thanks. I'll go with the smile and pretend I'm not hurting approach. :D That's what makes everyone else happy, anyway. We aim to please.

Since taking time off from the gym hasn't made any improvement and I'm still freaking exhausted from work, I'm going to have to make a better attempt at going every day. It certainly couldn't hurt more, right? LOL

If I could act on my good intentions, I would get up at five, spend an hour on the elliptical trainer (before anyone else is even at the gym) go to work, and then go back to the gym for weight training and more elliptical time. Somewhere in there I might become strong enough to pick up my 5 k training again. I only wish that it wasn't becoming more painful as I progress. Doesn't make any sense, does it?

In any event, I can't do anything that might make me sore until Tuesday afternoon. I'm being observed Tuesday morning, and being too stiff and sore to move wouldn't be good for my evaluation. It would probably be absolutely hilarious, BUT I will restrict my humor to the instructional objective. I already dreamed that I totally fouled up the lesson, then I woke up and laughed because I still have two days to prepare for it. It wasn't a scary or even stressful dream; I didn't really care what went wrong. Hahah and that's the way it should be in real life. If I lose my job, I'm quitting the profession, moving away, and going to art school. Yeah, that's it. Okay, I would stick around if I have a good reason.

I never can tell about these things anyway, until, of course, that moment when my fiancé tells me he is soon marrying the woman he was dating behind my back the whole while. Yeah... that really happened. Actually, I dodged a bullet with that situation. They got a divorce and I got my eyes opened. I'm okay, really. :D. Really!

This is a tad random, but I'm watching Love, Actually, and I just noticed something. The teacher at the Christmas pageant with the big monkey ears? He turned to the side and I could see there is something in place behind those ears to push them forward deliberately. :D. So I'm not being evil to snicker at his ears after all. Guilt alleviated. Oh, I'm sure he hasn't got a problem with his ears.... After all, he's been in a lot of movies and I'm a nobody sitting alone on her bed typing her thoughts on an iPad. He has an audience of millions, and mine is an audience of about seven. Ah, seven, what a magical number. Heheh Hey, I appreciate my tiny handful of readers.

Happy moments... Had some of those lately :) , though perhaps not exactly the ones someone might expect if I told them all the details. Of course, I'm not about to. I just hope I have a chance to smooth over my rough edges, so to speak. Ah well, imperfections are what make us human after all.

Christmas is dreadfully close for people who are creating handmade gifts for their loved ones. That would be me. If not for the requests that have already been made, I could make one each year and not have a problem. Oh, but in my family, I get three requests at once! For crocheted blankets... A lot more solid, time-consuming, and expensive than afghans, the way I make them. Oh boy... I haven't even gotten materials ordered for one, and for the other two, they can't decide on colors. Well, my dad has, only he chose colors that the yarn isn't manufactured in whatsoever. Argh.

I mean, who would have thought that they don't make the yarn in burgundy, of all colors? It's not an unreasonable color to expect to find.

What to do?

I may create a woven effect with red and grey, and hope that the overall effect equals an impression of burgundy. Hey man, that's all I've got, and it's very important to me that I make him happy in this. He's 76, and I worry, though I can't let it show outwardly. Need I spell it out?

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