Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morpheus, you jerk.

What's with the sleep full of nightmares? From being trapped beyond a Russian border pretty much alone to one awful day at work, I didn't exactly rest well. I took Tylenol PM and couldn't wake up, so I was stuck there in nightmareland for hours.

I dealt with the Russian part okay, even when the very armed soldiers showed up and took us away to something like a concentration camp for execution. My dog whined in my ear and I finally woke up.

I had a hard time with the middle section because I was at work, completely underdressed and unprepared. My "apparel" kept changing from short pajamas to a bed sheet to nothing. And that's just not cool when you're a middle school teacher. Gets the wrong kind of attention. I wanted to sneak home and get some appropriate clothing, but I was being evaluated on that day.

Added to that was the fact I had no idea what my lesson for the day was to be, I couldn't find the right page in the book, and I was in an unfamiliar classroom.

Interspersed through the whole set of dreams were people walking around, going about an otherwise normal day, covered in blood. A closer look showed they had all had their skin ripped off, hence the bleeding. Ew. But once I got close enough to really see them, they kept clawing at me, screaming for me to help them.

Ok, I tried calling 911, but what else could I do, sew them new skin?

So Morpheus, you're a jerk for sending me nightmares when I needed a good night's sleep. Even no dreams would have been better that that horror movie. I guess I was hurting too much to remember I have the ability to alter my dreams. Headache still going strong, and I have my nephew's birthday dinner in a couple of hours. I won't even discuss where else hurts. You can probably guess.

This is not an official complaint, about anything other than the nightmares. The rest I deal with all the time. I'd better be allll better by Friday though. I'm going to see Duran Duran for the first time, and I have literally waited 30 years for it!!!!

Hmm. Maybe a nice caramel latte will help. I only have to stagger to the kitchen.

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