Friday, August 10, 2012

No, they're not fake. :)

My fingernails got a lot of attention today. Maybe it was the totally clashing shade of lavender polish I wore that got them noticed. :D. Well, I wore black and tan today, so there was little chance of matching. I don't have tan polish and I haven't gotten up the nerve to try my gothic oil-slick black polish just yet. Hmmmm...

I was asked many MANY times if my nails were real. Yup, I grew these all by myself. And I'm expecting them to break any day now. Actually, one cracked down in the quick, so I had to repair it at least until it grows out enough to trim it down without injury.

My mother was known for her seemingly effortless ability to grow long and ridiculously strong fingernails. They were TOUGH and kind of thick. She said that they just grew that way, but that she always kept polish on them and they just became really strong. And she worked with her hands, so it wasn't sitting around watching her nails grow.

Hmmm.... There's her secret. No naked nails. So consider this my experiment to see if I can make mine stronger the same way. I know I'm not lacking healthy nail growing nutrients, because my hair still grows vigorously.

Ah, but I do miss having auburn hair at times. :). Though doing myself it in my careless way did make my hair fall out at one point. Oops. Lol I know better now. Besides, red shades are unstable and high maintenance. Wanna see what I look like with auburn hair? Check it out during late afternoon and you'll get the idea.

No, THOSE aren't fake either, though I will admit I regularly hide my silvery locks. It's just a little early to rock the silver hair yet. It was too early when it showed up at sixteen too. Hahaha

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