Friday, August 24, 2012

Shivering Under Feathers

I slept under my new down comforter last night, albeit without a duvet cover, which made me nervous. I was shivering, and though it is late August, I felt like I had caught a chill.

I think I have found a place to buy one though, without having to get an entire set of matching shams. I just need the duvet cover. Last night I was shivering (and it was a hot August day) so I decided to put it on the bed and relive my night trapped in London, sick with a sinus infection.

I sort of did relive it, probably just fighting off another sinus infection. My nose left bloody little telltale signs when I woke up. Apparently I developed fever at five am, because I remember getting really hot and wanting no bedding on me. Still, I'm loving this down comforter. It's like getting a full body hug from a Puffalump. Comforting. So I must protect it before it gets stained.

My dog already burrowed between the real comforter on top and the down comforter underneath. I'm just glad I'd given him a bath last night. This morning he didn't want to come out from his cuddly little burrow. Mean Mommy toted him to the door despite his grunted protests and promptly deposited his adorable butt on the doorstep.

I slept very well last night, so when I got to work and discovered that 4 of the 6 teachers in my department were absent, I felt like the googly-eyed Gremlin. I wanna know who forgot to send me the memo that it was departmental skip day!

Despite the chaos that today very well could have become, it went well. My boss admitted that he laughed at me when I got onto some kids about cutting line at lunch. As if... He didn't think I had it in me? :D Sure I do....

Always have, but wasn't always backed up on it by my superiors. Sometimes the lack of support was disheartening... Do my job correctly, and for my troubles I got my knees cut out from under me.... But that hasn't happened in a few years, thank goodness. Once way back when I even was told to let the rich folks' kids off the hook because they were "prominent members of local society." REALLY? Reinforce their mistaken notion that the rules just didn't apply to them? Being of the plebeian class myself, that attitude really disturbed me. And I couldn't do anything about it.

Well, I shouldn't be surprised, because after all, the same person called me a spinster to my face, and didn't seem to think there was anything discriminatory or insulting about it. I suppose some people only discern injury when it happens to them. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Today's hyper vigilance kept me wide-eyed and pressured to smile and be sweet about every little challenge that came along. Pressure from myself... It wasn't so much a plan as a coping mechanism. I felt better about my day at quitting time though, and that's what matters to me. I was the person I wanted to be, in other words. Some days I don't get to be my best self. I'm glad today was my preference. :)

Still, I felt like that googly-eyed gremlin for a lot of the day. Lol

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