Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slush and Sympathy

I'm not sure why I feel yucky right now but it feels like someone tried to pull my arm off while I slept last night. I probably slept on it wrong and hurt my shoulder again in the midst of my active dreaming last night. I did pass out almost fully dressed in the minute between removing my makeup and removing my contact lenses, which is why I slept in them.

Well, it's nice to wake up and not be absolutely blind. But I could seriously pass on the shoulder and chest pain which are making me feel rather nauseated.

True, I have a sore throat and strained vocal cords all of my own doing. :) I'd really like a slush and some sympathy, though.

Ah, the slush was easy. I just returned from Sonic with a cherry slush and a realization of why I feel so overdone. I gave blood Thursday afternoon and did NOT take it easy or drink lots of liquids that I knew I should. Then I went to a high-energy concert with two great friends less than 24 hours later in about four hours' sleep and danced my butt off for two hours. Add a pulled pectoral muscle and strained shoulder and that adds up to a whiny me that just wants to be taken care of. Well... Ain't THAT just too bad? Lol

So here I am, back in bed rather early for anyone else's Saturday night, and thinking wistfully of someone I wish I could spend some time with. Sippin' my slush. Hmmm. Mmmm. My throat says a humble thank you.

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