Friday, August 24, 2012

The Apothecary Attacks

My poor dog has scabs between his shoulders. I don't know why, but I've notices recently that he goes into total scratchgasm when my long fingernails stroke him there. He keeps making those twitchy, jerky attempts to bite himself there, but he can't reach the place. It's not quite to the point of being a hot spot, but I gave him a very thorough bath yeaterday and saw not the first flea anywhere, nor any flea dirt (blood) on him.

I suspect that his recently acquired fetish for being scratched there has led to some abrasions. Hey, we've all done it, right? Scratched an itchy place until the nerve endings there were so aroused only scratch-till-you-bleed will satisfy you.... And yet, it never really scratches that itch, as so many activities fail to do.

I do have a bottle of Sulfodene to use in him but I wanted to try my herbal skin healing spray on him first. After all, it's more soothing than the doggie first aid antiseptic. And it smells better. It did make my skin grow back faster after that horrible sunburn.

So I was scratching his back and got up to go to the bathroom. I swear, that little furball can read my mind! While I was gone to pee and grab the spray bottle out of the medicine cabinet, he ducked under the bed to hide.



So I went to the kitchen for some Pupperoni to lure him out. It didn't work. He waited until I left the room to dart out and grab the bite I left to bribe him with, and went back under the bed.

He waited on the bed for more treats, but was afraid to come forward and get it. He probably smelled the combination of aloe, tea tree oil, and lavender in the spray bottle.

Yeah, I like mixing up things like that. What of it? I'd have loved Professor Snape's potions class. It's a fact. Well, maybe for more reason than the chemistry.

When he was a puppy, he rather spitefully chewed through the wires of an expensive headset I used for Ventrilo guild chat when I played World of Warcraft for hours each day. He also yanked the plug on my computer more than once. I watched him do it. He walked in nonchalantly, went under my chair to the plug-in, looked up at me to see if he would get caught, then yanked out the master plug to my entire computer system.

Without a doubt, he knew what he was doing. I had to rub tea tree oil on the wires of my next headset. He got one taste and learned his lesson. Ha ha ha. He has run from the smell ever since.

Mommy the Apothecary did get hold of him and doctor him up with the homemade healer, but I don't think it did enough to soothe the irritated scratchgasm nerve, so I did treat it with Sulfodene as well.

Poor fella.

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