Sunday, August 5, 2012

The week that was

In the midst of my snarkiness I did consider all that I accomplished this week at work. Many evenings I stayed late to finish my tasks, and I don't really regret it.

After all, it was nice to come in to an uncluttered desk. I made my gradebook and binder match my toolbox, curtains, and posters. :) Happy about that.

Not too happy about my last class of the day thinking they can come in and act like they are all full of sugar, and furthermore that I'm going to be delighted by their rambunctiousness. I'm going to have to be harsh with them if they don't calm down.

10 days after my last run, my shins are still hurting pretty badly when I'm simply sitting on my bed. The pain wakes me up out of a deep sleep. I don't know if I truly have torn tendons, damaged muscles, or stress fractures in my tibia. It might even be a combination of the three. I don't trust my doctor to really know what he is doing enough to check into it properly.

He doesn't seem very up on medical advancement over the last twenty years. He'd probably order a (useless) X-ray and proclaim my persistent pain a figment of my imagination, like my "imaginary" diabetes that he told me I didn't have for nine years. Oh wow, and then I turned out to be right after all.

My dog is expressing his anger and jealousy that I have gone back to work by peeing on my stuff indiscriminately. Most noticeable this evening was the freshly washed (today) afghan I was re-weaving in the ends on. On top of my bed and flat. He sprayed it. I had to wash it again. If those ends come loose again, I'm going to resort to glue. Any crocheter can relate, I'm sure.

After much thinking over a very depressed week, I think I will keep myself away from the world as much as possible from here on out. It doesn't seem to want me anyway,
:-/. Seems very much that people don't want me around.

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