Sunday, September 9, 2012

Canning... Breakfast.

I was busy tonight after I returned from dinner with my father. I made all of my breakfasts for the week. Oatmeal!!

Cooked five servings of old fashioned oats with milk, in the microwave. It took about ten minutes. I just didn't want to stand over the stove, cuz I had stuff to do. Tomorrow I go to work an hour earlier and Tuesday I start working till 4:30 as well.

I thought having some things ready tonight would make things easier come pre-dawn when my alarm sounds, so I've got my clothes prepared as well.

As I was making five servings of my wake-up latte, I heard the sound of the hot oatmeal sealing itself into the canning jars with audible *pops*. Hahah. So I have indeed canned oatmeal.

But you know what I forgot? I forgot to put honey in the now six jars of oatmeal. Five servings made six jars. *sigh*. So I'll have a snack at some point. Right? As for the honey, I pulled out a former MiO bottle and put the honey in there so I'd have it in my lunch bag for morning. I plan to eat it at the football field.

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