Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cardio Needed For Eluding Zombies

I had a conversation with a coworker last week which reminded me of a few of my goals -- running-type achievements. Of course by now you know that I can't sustain a flat-out speed run. Yet. I'll have to build up to that.

Ultimately, my aim is to run in a marathon. Someday. Realistically, it won't happen within a year. Probably not even in two years. I'll have to build up to that, just like any other sane person starting from zero would have to do.

Here is my intended training progression:

Warrior Dash / Zombie Run - interspersed just for fun

Obviously, I'm not likely to win any of these races. I probably won't even place in my age group unless it's a very small race. Finishing and improving my time gradually are my goals. And if that doesn't make me win, I could always carry a metal bar and kneecap the other runners as they pass me. Right? :D

I know that there is a Warrior Dash coming in a couple of weeks near Nashville, but as I've said, I'm recovering from shin splints and trying to retrain properly. I still don't have a coach, and I don't know how I would find one. On my own may be the best I can do. However, I don't think I'm in any kind of physical shape for the obstacles of the Warrior Dash, which looks to be similar to military basic training. :) Fun, but at this point, I'd just get hurt. Maybe I can do it next year.

Zombie Run? Well, for that one I will want speed, because it will really make me angry to get zombie-tagged. I want to at least be able to maintain my own actual running speed for that one. Currently I'm only able to shuffle at zombie-speed.

While it would be lovely to believe there might be someone to cheer for me at the finish, I know it won't happen. That's for other people. I wish for me too, but apparently I'm an ogre or a ghoul or something equally offensive. There was someone nagging at me to run at the finish line of my first race, but I almost flipped them off and I didn't comply. I was already running on empty at the time, because I wasn't prepared for the race.

But I ran anyway. :). Sometimes you have to keep running the races even when you know you are destined to lose.

And there is the consolation that even by losing, I'm still miles ahead of the ones who never get up and try.

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