Friday, September 21, 2012

Drink in Hand

I've decided that for the time being, I'm going to keep two rest days between my training runs. Still frustrated that I can't run every other day because of my shinsplints, every third day seems better than a one month timeout to heal my lower legs enough to walk again.

Walking is important. Walking without tears is absolutely a requirement for me. It seems really strange that I'm trying to improve my health by running, and it's causing more damage in the process.

Somehow I've got to get the calorie burning going faster so that I can lose enough weight to ease the strain on my legs. My inability to drop pounds has puzzled more than one doctor and I've even been told that in a concentration camp situation, I'd be the last survivor of starvation.

No, I'm not a cannibal! Lol Apparently I've got a very efficient response for basic survival.

Right now I'm training for a 5k, and trying to strengthen my shins as I do. They are obviously stressed by my running. I'm not sure if its my weight, my shoes, or my running surfaces. I wonder if anybody would freak out if I jumped off the track and onto that gorgeous grass carpeting the football field itself. I wonder how it would feel underfoot. Hmmm.


Though I don't actually want to carry a bottle of anything to drink while I run, there is the problem of choking on a bone-dry throat while I do. I've seen in British running magazines that they have water bottles with a hand grip through the middle. Yay. I could use one of those. Trying to hold a Gatorade bottle in my admittedly small hands is difficult. They're just too big to hold without cramping my hand.

Yep, I have to shop in the boys' department for snow gloves. Ladies' sizes are always too big for my hands.

Lacking a small water bottle anywhere that doesn't require a Batman utility belt to carry it, I will go back to using my Playpus collapsible bottles. At least with those I can fill them with maybe six ounces of water, enough to remoisten my throat and mouth, and not worry about sloshing. Plus, when they're empty I can squish them up into a pocket. One will squish down to the size of my actual grip while I hold it.

It'll work.

Honestly, I've thought Platypus bottles are the neatest thing since sliced bread for a solid decade now. :) Neeeeato!

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