Sunday, September 30, 2012


The truly annoying thing about my thighs toning up is what this does to my running shorts.

People who know me well enough know that I wear Bermuda shorts because it drives me insane when my shorts bunch up on my thighs.

Wear tighter, indecent looking shorts? No thanks. I have hips and a tummy and other places that are not served by wearing shorts so tight they threaten to split the seams. I'm a tad more modest than that.

Anyway, I finally bought some shorts I could run in this summer. They're basically bike shorts, and they were not only a size 12 (hey, that's saying something for me), they had nice snug legs that clung to my thighs when I ran. They stayed in place. No bunching.

No more. The last week I've been fighting the bunch again. I don't think the shorts have stretched out -- I've looked for the signs of strained Spandex and not found any issues of wear. I just haven't worn them enough times yet.

My thighs are smaller. No denying it. And while that is cause for celebration in one respect, in the other it make for one aggravating running session.

It started with one leg always riding up. Now they are both riding up. I spend most of my time on the track angrily pulling them back down because if I don't, the bunched fabric will chafe my inner thighs until they are raw and bleeding. My family has seen this, and apparently it is a hilarious sight.

Hey, when I'm bleeding or otherwise injured, it's time to laugh and dance, I guess. Someone else rug-burns a toenail, and ambulances should be dispatched.

I wouldn't mind the shorts becoming too big in the leg, but I doubt the torso part has gotten smaller. Compression shorts. It may be time for them. At least I know they'll be tight in the legs. Question is, since the XL size I'm sure I need lists at size 10 and "everything above", will I be able to get my pelvis into them at all?

Childbearing hips? Oh yeah, got those. I was probably supposed to have several children, once upon a time. Seven of them, probably gem miners that would hang out with a black haired tomboy and a doofy name.

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