Monday, September 24, 2012

Ted Bundy.....ish

This morning I went to work and found a large rawhide bone sitting on the wall fronting the flowerbed. I am wary. I don't know if someone is trying to make friends with my dog or maybe offer him a poisoned treat. He does bark when strangers walk by. I'm bothered by the fact that someone came all the way up to my house in the early morning.

Just like last week with my new stalker. Ick. Man, just stay away, would ya? It makes my dog's vomiting incident yesterday morning even more suspicious now. I think I'll throw the bone in the trash.

I ran, anxiety filled, last night. There was one other person at the track with me, and it was a rather large man who seemed to be struggling with walking. Eh. Shades of Ted Bundy is what I was thinking. Fake an injury and then grab your victim while they are trying to help you. No thanks.

I think this is my warning to start going to the track an hour earlier while there is still some light. I doubt breathing in the damp chilly night air helped me anyway, because I was coughing and wheezing when I went home.

My dad kept looking at me funny while I coughed and even asked me if his cigarette was bothering me. I told him yes, truthfully, and broke out into another coughing fit, but he didn't put the cigarette out.

You've gotta have your priorities in life, I suppose. My need for clean air to breathe has never been as important as his "right" to smoke if he wants to. That much has been clear to me since my childhood. Therefore, I can't spend a lot of time with him, though I would like to. :(

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