Monday, September 24, 2012


Last night I did get on the blessed football field to see if that would lessen the impact on my shins while running. Strangest thing happened... It made the outsides of my legs ache! I couldn't stand to stay on it long enough to really run. Too painful.

I ran and tried to make midfoot strikes. It hurt my shins. Again.

Sometime this morning I took stock of the way I was standing in the hall and realized that I was pressing my weight onto the outsides of my feet, horribly under pronating. I was barely letting my big toe and its under structure touch the floor as I walked. Could this be part of the problem that makes my feet ache all day, especially the fourth left metatarsal?

I started consciously trying to plant the inside of my foot down equally with my outside, and the pain lessened a little. It definitely felt different as I walked, down to the muscles in my calf reacting differently.

Hmm. Well, it's something to try. Maybe it will strengthen the right places if I stop my lazy walking and stance.

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