Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 Year Tumor Free

A year ago I had a sizable tumor (looked like a golf ball) removed from my neck, just under the front of my jaw. It was benign, fortunately, and discrete, which my surgeon told me made it easy to remove in one piece.

I was going to make a joke about removing it all in one lump sum, but I figured that would just sound lame.

He was actually my third medical opinion on the subject. One doctor said he didn't want to speculate, better see a specialist. Ooh, didn't sound good. The second doctor said it was without a doubt a thyroid tumor. The third doctor did a biopsy in his office (ouch, my eyes watered) and said the lab tests couldn't identify it. Could be nothing, could be something, and it was up to me what to do about it.

Well, with something that disfiguring and large still growing, I opted for surgery.

The points are:

It's gone.
It looked freaky.
It could have been cancer so I wanted it out.
It was in a place where nerves and blood flow could be impinged if it stayed.
I could feel it when I swallowed.
Kids and adults were asking what that big lump in my neck was. (Thanks so much for adding to my insecurity!) Funny that they don't ask about the scar. ;)

My ENT offered to do another biopsy, but knew I wanted it out. Well, wouldn't you? If he had nicked my carotid while he was there, it's not like I'd have survived the surgery, so what was there to be afraid of? I was afraid it might be cancer. So I'm relieved that it wasn't. And I'm glad I didn't need any help while I was recovering.

By myself, business as usual, except for that one time my brother checked on me and he said my eyes were glazed over from my pain medicine. LOL

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