Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dream Memories

What triggers a thought within a dream as a memory? This happened to me last night in a dream, wandering around the UTM campus that didn't exist the same way when I was an undergrad and living on campus.

In my dream, I was heading down to a track to run. It was somewhere in one of the south-end parking lots by the dorms. Not the old dorms, but the new ones. There were still two of the old dorms standing, not having met the wrecking ball yet. I was a little confused navigating the buildings, because I knew I should know my way around, but so much was unfamiliar to me.

Somewhere along the way I got lost and ran into a classmate whose name I couldn't remember, but she acted as though we knew each other very well, and that I had previously agreed to help her in a campus Christmas tree decorating contest. Yeah. During Fall Break.

For some reason, I was pushing around a law mower with a weird boxed top on it. When I opened the top, bags of sand, gravel, and potting soil spilled out and I actually remembered having out them in there in the middle of a project.

Strange, because I don't have a push mower with a storage box on top and I'm sure no such thing exists. But I REMEMBERED it within the dream. I thought, "Oh yeah, how did I forget about that??"

Oddly enough, I could NOT remember which dorm I lived in right then. I got lost. I couldn't figure out the keys or the elevator system in the new dorms. Someone else had to decipher my keys and then I remembered I was in Ellington Hall... Which looked very different. I was a little distressed about my lack of memory and worried about what else I'd forgotten.

Likely I've forgotten that I planned to work on my flower bed and herb garden this week. I need another course of stones, some gravel, some sand, and some dirt. See how that works? LOL I feel fortunate I wasn't carting twenty something stones in the box on the mower as well.

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