Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eh, Maybe It IS Broken

For the record, I hurt my foot six days ago. What I thought was just an indentation above the second toe has spent today becoming a dark bruise.

Nothing has hurt that particular place, so I guess it's possible that I cracked my metatarsal and the bruise (which doesn't hurt) is perhaps just the blood seeping out of the bone and pooling in the next area over.

Kinda like an overeager application of glue to fill in the break. Maybe if I massage the bruise, it'll dissolve a little faster.

Just as long as I don't touch the tender base of my big toe. :D

If it's a break, it isn't a bad one, anyway. Flexing my foot does hurt pretty badly, but I haven't had that nauseating rotten feeling I've gotten before with a broken toe.

On the brighter side, at least my dog was outside when it happened. He missed the full volume of my screaming, so he didn't feel it necessary to hide under my bed thinking he was in trouble.

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