Monday, October 8, 2012

Fastest 5k

Wait for it, wait for it... I broke my own records today! Fastest 1k (8:14) and fastest 5k (45:40). Okay, so that's not exactly a record, and last year when I ran my first 5k I ran it in 45:12 I wasn't using that app... BUT you also have to consider that I added distance today, as well as the time I ran without stopping. There were two five minute segments of nonstop running in the mix today. Three, five, five, and three. I never dropped back down to a walk during my run times.

Okay, so maybe I'm the only one proud of my efforts there. Lol. Even the slowest runner is still lapping the people sitting on the couch. How does it feel to be outdone by a woman with all the grace of a pregnant yak?

I was officially fitted for running shoes yesterday, so I wore them to run in today. Asics Cumulus 13. Yeah, the outgoing model, but they felt best on me. I think i did try the 14s on but liked the 13s better. They were nice and cushy, though I think I may have laced them too tight, as the toes on my right foot went numb. Lol

Still, I could feel a difference in my legs. There was still some straining going on, but nothing like I felt before. :). My legs aren't killing me right now. Yaaaayyyy! Tomorrow will be the test. Sore? Achy? Burning shin pain?

I tried out an Amphipod Smart View Plus armband for my iPhone, and I was able to leave it in the Otterbox with no problem. There are even ports to run the headphone plug through while the holder is zipped. I'd taken the armband out and run my SpiBelt thru sideways so that I could wear my phone on my waist, and it was a great solution for me.

I tried Gu Roctane Gel before I ran, with 2x caffeine... It really worked! I wasn't fatigued. Had just enough energy to go on. The taste was sticky and salty though. Lol. Now I know why my boss likes the vanilla ones. Haha. Bet it covers the saltiness better than the fruit flavors. Still, they've gotta be handier than Sport Beans during a run! Must experiment further with Gu.

I also bought an Amphipod thermal handheld water bottle. That was VERY useful. I didn't have to actually hold the bottle and it held just enough water for my dry throat issues. :)

I bought reflector bands too, but I was running on the track in the daylight, so I didn't need them.

Those longer run segments were hard, but there was NO way today I was going to give up on them. Besides... Those segments are just going to get longer every day now until I finish the program at 35 minutes of nonstop running. This is what it takes to build endurance. I have to stick with it because I've already exceeded my prior nonstop run times.

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