Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gear to Keep Going

Tomorrow I'll be running for segments of five and six minutes each. I'm a little nervous. :).

However, something became clear to me yesterday when I ran.

I had decided to stay strictly with the recovery times (walking) set up in my training plan and see how hard it would be to pick up the following running segment. I didn't have any trouble after all, and I actually was breathing a little more easily on the longer segments. I never had to fight for my breath.

So I hope this means it is getting easier. I also hope I won't be doing any more breath-struggling, but that might be a bit much to ask. Still, I have my hopes, and maybe my lungs are getting stronger as I go.

As motivation, last night I ordered some running tights, a new running bra, and a running jacket. Yeah, expensive, but imagine what it would have cost me if I'd gotten Nike stuff. They want $80 for their freaking t-shirts! UnderArmour is definitely more my price, though I'd love to see a sale. Lol. I'm hoping it all fits. I measured. But I'm not sure how I'll feel about an athletic-cut jacket. It'll be tight.

One thing for sure though: my shorts are getting on my nerves, bunching up worse than ever, and it'll soon be too cold to run in shorts anyway. So I need the tights. I might be able to get away with sweatpants, but I know my chubby thighs are entering the winter chafing zone. They rub, then they chafe, they get raw, then they bleed.

I'd like to avoid that, so please do not snicker if you happen to see me in my tights. Lol. If they fit me.

Bra? Obvious. I need more than one.

Jacket. Well, I don't have a decent jacket of my own. Any millionaires out there wanna buy me one? :). My preferences are really inexpensive!

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