Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going with the Goo

Before I forget how well tonight's run went for me...

I wasn't happy to find that I had arrived at the track on another football-field-painting evening, but it IS their track and field.  On the other hand, though I would prefer the ability to fly as my superpower, it is actually invisibility.  It comes in handy when you look less like a gazelle running, and more like a pregnant yak.

So... I decided to try some of the gel energy supplements that are available locally. (There are three choices.  Three.)  Tonight's experiment was with the black cherry flavored Clif Bloks.  They were like Jello Jigglers without the brightness.  They tasted exactly like the brown rice syrup used to sweeten them.  I didn't notice any black cherry.  Maybe mine were expired and a little stale.  They were sticky and thick, and I was dismayed with the first bite to find that I had to swallow THREE of them for a 100 calorie serving of energy! The recommendation that they be chased with water was spot on.  I didn't relish the thought of having that flavor in my mouth for 45 minutes.  Yuuuck.

Okay, they weren't THAT bad, but I would have preferred something more candy-flavored.  Like my gummy vitamins!  Those are awesome.  :)  And possibly just a little too tempting at times.  Yes, I was one of those kids who would secretly OD on Flintstones' vitamins just because I liked the taste.

To give the Bloks the benefit of the doubt, I bought a strawberry-flavored package of them to try on my next run.  They're undoubtedly fresher, right? Surely that's gotta count for something more than a molasses flavor?

Everything I've been reading tells me that Gu Gels will probably be the next thing I need to try, because of flavor and consistency.  If I have to chew something while I'm out of breath, I'll choke.  It won't be pretty.

I never quite hit the wall tonight, and I never became truly fatigued.  In fact, by the time my cooldown came, I was walking significantly faster than my warmup walk had been, and it was a lot easier.  I felt a little energy boost.  Maybe next time I'll try whatever gel I'm using earlier.

Though I didn't hit the breathing (okay, suffocation) wall tonight, I have to admit it's because I "cheated" when I felt it coming.  After the first run of 3 minutes, I added another minute and a half to my walk segment. It helped so much.  It was definitely a frustration-saving tactic.  After the second run, which was 4 minutes, I added a minute to my recovery walk and realized I was going to make it after all.  I had my breathing under control, and it almost didn't hurt my legs while I ran.  Yay.

The second 4 minute run and the final 3 minute run weren't a problem after all, which is a wonder and a wonderful thing.  Tonight began my week 4 of training, and I'm pleased with how it went.  I highly recommend waiting until Autumn if you are having trouble with beginning training in the heat and humidity of the South.  It's like breathing in very thick water.  You may die.  If you don't die, you will likely wish you WERE dead.  So take it from me, and take it easy on yourself -- don't begin training yourself to run when the low temp for the day in your area is 85 and the humidity is 85%.  What you think is an endorphin rush ends up being near-heatstroke!  My shin splints might have saved my hide in August when they forced me to get off my feet for a month.

I felt like smiling when I finished running tonight.  I was actually happy and had a lot more energy.  (Was that the gooey blok I ate, or increased oxygen?)

I weighed myself before I ran, and I'm down two pounds.  It's probably just a fluid fluctuation, but I'm going to pretend it's actual fat loss and let that buoy me for a while.  Maybe it'll keep dropping off me.  If it does, I'll run faster as I get lighter, and then I can run more to get lighter.  See how that works?  :)  Still... I won't expect to see any drastic results... Maybe gradual results over the next 6 months.  Yeah, that's reasonable enough to NOT cause extreme disappointment and a mood crash.

I don't know if I'm getting thinner, really, or if I look like I'm getting thinner, but by all means, if you see me and I do look thinner, TELL ME.  Please?  :)  My pants are getting loose on me again, but I need to hear other people's point of view on how much better I'm looking.  Though if all you want to say is in the nature of criticism, I'll say that you keep that to yourself.

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