Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sometimes I think that the reassuring things people tell me about my "life" and how it is going, are just to help me bide my time more gently until I understand that I'm not going to ever have the life that I want. :) I know, sometimes they're just trying to be kind. They know my expectations are really low, and the hopes I cling to are really not difficult to achieve. Ive been told many times in the past that i should raise my standards.

Nevertheless, we all know I'm bound to fail no matter what I do. The illusion that things will ever work out for me is tissue-thin and just as fragile.

I guess I'm feeling pretty sad for a few reasons. And I'm worried about my dog. He's still got fever and now he has bitten his flea bitten areas bloody. :(. He feels so bad. I'm going to go get some hydrocortisone cream.

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