Sunday, October 14, 2012

Me and My Salty Skin

Once again, my run tonight confirmed that I'm a salty sweater. Yep, I had salt crystals all over my skin. Even behind my ears and on my scalp. Not the usual clean skin and hair feeling I like, really. Gritty, powdery, salty.

And I'm only going for three miles at this time. I have found that when I have noticeably salty skin after a run, I'm also a bit dizzy. Hmm. Just like in Italy. Dizzy, drinking lots of water, walking around in a stone-covered city for entire days. Soaking wet clothes that dried grittily. Next time I go to a hot place that requires hours of walking, I'm taking powdered Gatorade.

Tonight I made the mistake of running when all I had eaten for the day was basically a protein bar, a small Pepsi, and a few Cheetos. I'd truly intended to eat some oatmeal to start my day but I overslept. It's the last Saturday of my week off and I felt like I needed a couple of extra hours to regrow some cells in my legs. So I slept as late as I wanted to.

Believe me, if I had anyone to look forward to seeing, I'd have gotten up. But it was just going to be me and my dog, so we snuggled and slept in. I think he benefited from it too. He perked back up today - the fleas are hopefully gone and his raw places look like they are rapidly healing.

Well, this probably means that the energy gels I've started using wont hurt me, with regard to their sodium content. I did start today with a Gu mandarin orange gel and topped it off with some Jelly Belly Sport Beans.

Note: mandarin orange Gu tasted like Delsym cough syrup to me. Bearable, but not yummy. Roctane pineapple was repeatable. Roctane island nectar was kinda weird, but I wasn't expecting that taste for my first taste of Gu. I might need to give that one another try.

I think my supplements are the only thing that kept me running tonight. Or trudging, more appropriately. It felt like a trudge when I got to the middle running segment.

5 minutes walking
5 minutes running
3 walking
6 running (seemed interminable but I was doggedly determined)
3 walking
5 running
5 walking

Yep, I ran every minute I was told to and still felt like my time was crummy. Lets face it, even though my Nike + app shows my running segments in the green zone, I'm not going to be happy until I can run the whole darn thing in the green zone. I won't be satisfied until I can run at a competitive pace. *sigh*

The Gu seemed to keep me fueled enough to keep going, but I did have trouble keeping a good pace toward the end. My jog slowed to a shuffle.

Oh the things I've learned as an overweight middle aged woman learning to do (short) distance running for the first time in her life.

If the zombies take over, we are all screwed. Except for maybe the successful distance runners. They'll be okay, but notice I'm not including myself in their ranks just yet. I'm currently in the rank of .... Wannabe.

I fear I have to lose 40 more pounds (putting me at my goal weight) before I see a real improvement in my pace. But if I can improve my pace enough to comfortably run longer distances, I'd lose weight a little faster. :D Quite the catch-22 I'm in. I'm just gonna have to be patient while I burn off an ounce at a time.

Maybe I should be careful and just aim to get trim and fit by the time I go to Ireland in 2014. Ah, it would be lovely to see it with someone special.

A lot can happen in two years. Someone might actually see something worthwhile in me by then. It's too bad I can't just make the good person who has always been on the inside show up on the outside. The outside has to be covered in flash and falseness to get any attention.

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