Friday, October 12, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Being the kind of girl who still wishes for a happy ending, I really enjoy the show Once Upon A Time. It's captivating how the episodes tie together many of the fairy tales I loved as a little girl and give them a slightly modern spin. The costumes (for the Enchanted Forest) are absolutely gorgeous and make me wish I had a Halloween party to wear one to. :)

I still have a strong desire to sew a long black velvety cloak for myself. In an alternate life, I'd still love to have been a costume designer. But a girl can't effectively support herself in a dried-up small southern town that way. I can't even get my hands on any decent fabrics.

I also have a collection of fairy tales in my living room. Yes, I still love them that much. :)

Anyway, if one pays attention while watching the episodes, there are lots of Easter eggs to be found. For example, I just saw a very pointed (Ha ha ha) reference to Bambi -- his father was standing at the side of the road and turned his head with that huge rack toward the approaching carriage.

Disney-backed as the show is, I'm happy that they stuck with the gruesome nature of the original fairy tales. I always hated the sanitized happy endings with the way Disney changed things.

"The Little Mermaid" for example, is fairly tragic. She commits suicide rather than murder the prince she loves with his new bride, in order to reclaim her remaining years without having a soul. She doesn't have any friends. She will only live 300 years anyway. The Sea Witch literally cuts out her tongue and she is in excruciating pain with every step she takes on legs. All this sacrifice for the love of one man who throws her over for a lying little wench, because she can't speak and tell the truth.

Still, though there is no happy ending to the fairy tale, she is given the hope to earn a soul after she is dead, by becoming a sort of guardian angel to good and bad children all over the planet. It's just a hope of redemption, because in life, nothing is guaranteed. Especially not happy endings.

I used to think about her when I had a choice to be a really bad kid and chose not to. I didn't want anyone like her having to waste their tears over me.

If you want to see the show, season 1 is currently on Netflix, and the beginning of season 2 is on the ABC website still. Catch up, if you have an adventurous or romantic facet to your personality. :). I do, but if you call me on it, I'll deny it. Romantic thoughts do not serve me in my lonely solitary life.

Some of the plot points are really amusing, such as the fact that Red Riding Hood is the town floozy, and the identity of the Big Bad Wolf.

The Evil Queen's backstory makes her almost a sympathetic character. You might not feel sorry for her, but you can understand why she is the way she is, and realize that you could very easily fall into her shoes. Who wouldn't be twisted by her life? Snow White isn't even the simpering weakling you would expect her to be.

My favorite story arcs so far:

August Booth, the stranger who rides into the "locked" town on a motorcycle. Wow, he's a hot one. ;)

Rumplestiltzken's backstory - currently my favorite character. There's a sad reason for all that deviousness and evil.

Jiminy & how his horrible childhood leads him to become a conscience-wielding cricket.

Gepetto & how Pinocchio finally becomes a real boy, a protector, and horrifyingly begins to turn back to wood. I'm still wondering what happened to him after he disappeared from the room where he has completely turned to wood... But still blinking.

And Prince Charming's epic fail faceplant. Lol. Totally awesome. :) I just find him uninspiring as a leading man. August and the Mad Hatter appealed to me lots more. August is mysterious and the Hatter is apparently really into tying women up.

Ahem. Forget I said that. Lol. It's probably because he's kinda weird and desperate and has crazy dark hair.

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