Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post Mortem

Today as I've tried to walk, I've discovered... I can. My hip still hurts awfully from yesterday (likely a hip flexor strain from running on cambered roads) but the pain when I walk has gone down from a tear-inducing 9 out of 10 to about a 7. Ooh, I may be healing. :)

I don't have shin splints today, but they often take a few days of repeated abuse to show up.

My calves. Oh my calves. Lol. They felt like knotted rocks last night so I kept flexing them gently to keep the muscles stretched as best I could. They didn't hurt; they were just a little hard and stiff. Today, they're a bit sore when I walk. Which means, of course, that gentle stretching and walking are probably best.

Hip PAIN means I have to rest my hip.
Sore calves mean I need to stretch and walk the soreness out.

So who do I make happy here? Looks like the hip wins and I stretch my calves carefully all day while sitting with my legs straight out so as not to stress the hip.

My calves just weren't used to the impact of normal heel-strike running so yesterday was a bit of a shock to them and I know their response today is to rebuild the damaged parts of the muscle tissue, which hurts. Think of PacMan chomping away the damaged tissues before new ones are built. A little owwie.

Running and losing weight is going to be an uphill battle for me, apparently. I'm going to have to get a better mental game and keep it running the show. I just can't concentrate when there are 100 other people in the immediate vicinity, and I'm worrying about how fast they can run, when they'll pull ahead, if I can catch up, and what they're thinking of me, which is ridiculous. I'm just not used to any of this yet. How long will it take me?

***chirp, chirp***

Ah, the telltale chirping of the crickets in the usual silence that accompanies absolutely nothing in the way of interaction with a real person reading my blog... Bueller? Bueller...? Nobody ever wants to chat about any of this, and still, the counter goes on. Lol

My breath is rattling in my chest every time I exhale, though, and that really bothers me. Sore ribs and abs too, but that's just from running and breathing in panic mode. I had a fight to control my breathing yesterday, and I knew better than to let it happen in the first place. But the rattling... That disturbs me. For me, that's a sign that the little post-run cough I picked yesterday could easily turn into bronchitis. I'm very prone to it, a fact my all-smokers family has failed to be concerned about my entire life.

If I can continue my training and improve, I might run in that same race next year just out of spite. This change of heart brought to you by ... Pancakes and low-calorie syrup. :)

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