Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Running Against the Wind

Last night I decided to run a day early, eliminating one of the two days I had put between my runs for rest, hopefully to allow enough healing time that my shin splints wouldn't continue to be a problem.

It was chilly and very windy, so half of the run, I was fighting an unpleasant head wind. That wore me out in a hurry, despite my slowing down to take it easy.

My run progression was two minutes of running, then three, three again, then two. The first leg was kind of tough, but I hit the VO2 wall and thought I was going to suffocate before I got my breath back. So I paused my training program during the walk segment and put in another minute and a half of walking, and began my second three minute run.

That one went fine, but I was doing some drill sergeant coaching in my head to keep going. I'm pretty sure it's just a carbon dioxide buildup I'm having trouble expelling, and getting past that point will make the rest of my run less breathless and help me get stronger.

I accepted that my leg muscles need weight lifting to get stronger, so I went to the gym right after my run. I figured that my legs would be a little sore today from running anyway, so what soreness the weightlifting caused would probably blend in anyway.

So far so good, nothing new or unusual except a little stinging in my shinbones. (Wearing my compression sleeves!) However, delayed onset muscle soreness usually hits between 24 and 48 hours AFTER the run, so tomorrow just might hurt. :(

Yes, I've been studying. Lol. Reading lots of books on running and even one on anatomy and physiology.

I chatted with my boss today about (what I perceived as) the ridiculousness of my running a half marathon in the spring. He said I can do it. Yikes. Lol Ah, but he did tell me he uses energy gels when he runs and that makes it seem okay for me to use them too. Lol.

I don't know why I think of them as steroids rather than nutritional supplements. They are just carbs, potassium, and electrolytes. He orders them in bulk. So there's an option. :). I do get really tired in the middle of my runs, which aren't really long enough to cause such tiredness.

Part of me worries about the calorie count -- after all, I AM trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I won't lose any weight if I can't get past these little training runs and into some real distance. It shouldn't hurt to try a few gels, I suppose. It's worth a test.

I can handle the pain in my legs because I know that will eventually go away as my legs strengthen. And now, for the most part, I realize it is just temporary while I'm running. Since I've been paying attention to my under pronation tendency, my shins aren't killing me for days after my runs. Just a few little owwies. The pain means that the rebuilding process is underway.

I have noticed my Zensah shin sleeves do give my legs a massaging sensation. :). They were definitely worth the money. Last night I needed my hoodie, but I really think that sweatpants would chafe my thighs in a hurry. Floppy-legged shorts are becoming an annoyance. I need some running tights, though I hesitate to be seen wearing them outside of running time. Lol. I also wonder if Zensah tights would even fit me. I'm a bit wary of their sizing in tights, because I'm kinda chubby.

Breathing in cold air will be a problem too, as it gets colder, so I need to do some shopping. Some kind of running tights. Loose pants will chafe me tender inner thighs. Equals BAD. A technical shirt, because cotton tee shirts are going to become uncomfortable before long. Chafing again. A lightweight snug jacket. Some kind of face mask to warm my breath so I don't start my asthmatic wheezing again like I did last night in the cold air and this summer in the humidity. And of course... A properly fitted pair of running shoes.

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