Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trust Regained?

A couple of days have passed since I took my dog to the vet with fever. As of today, he seems fever-free. Yay for my baby!

However, he has absolutely distrusted me ever since. Probably because I took him someplace where they stuck him with needles and poked things in his butt. I can't blame him there.

He stayed on the kitchen floor on a mat, not even in his bed. He wouldn't accept treats, and when I tried to lure him for some cuddles, no strings attached, he scuttled away and his from me.

Last night he showed a little interest in the soup I was having for supper, so I gave him some. Aha! Then he wanted a little more. Still, he didn't want to go outside by himself and he didn't want to be cuddled and petted.

Bedtime came and I was surprised that he came to the bedroom where he crunched up a couple of milk bones, but still didn't want to sleep on the bed. He did curl up on a pair of my sweatpants on the floor though. I guess he wanted to be close to my scent, but able to hide under the bed quickly if necessary.

I woke up early this morning to find him snuggled against me in the bed, so I talked to him and petted him awhile until he finally burrowed happily under the comforter.

I suppose that was his way of saying that he forgives me for letting someone hurt him. He doesn't seem to be biting at his raw places anymore, so maybe there are no more fleas to torment him. He DID do an awful lot of ear-twitching up until today, which means that he was itching like crazy and wanted to bite, but was fighting the impulse with all his might.

A few lazy ear scratches with his back leg this morning and he actually seemed interested in going outside alone today. Hopefully, he's over the lethargy that Advantage Multi always causes him. I hate putting it on him, but it is the only flea treatment I've ever tried that works for him.

It was lovely to see him sleeping sprawled out over the comforter this morning, relaxed and peaceful, snuggled where he could feel me beside him. :). And rabbit-kick me a few times when he thought he could get away with it.

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