Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vet Visit for My Poor Baby

I took my dog to the vet today, thinking he was overdue for his shots. Thankfully, he's not due for them until December.

However... I suspected he was feverish all night. His belly was too warm and he kept burrowing under the comforter and then coming out panting. I turned off the heat hoping it would help cool him, and left the bedroom open so he could have water all night, knowing he would make a huge mess somewhere.

And he did. Oh well.

He must not have slept because when I woke, the poor fella looked exhausted, and his haunches and heels were bitten raw and bloody.

The vet blood-tested him and everything came back negative. Fever was from an allergic reaction to his flea bites. So he got a steroid shot for his itchiness, medicated shampoo for healing, and Advantage Multi, though he gets lethargic for a couple days after getting it.

He was still biting when I brought him home, so I sprayed him with antiseptic. Revenge: he immediately rubbed it across my pillow and the place where I sleep!

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