Saturday, November 10, 2012

Corduroy Shorts. Hahaha!

I ran last night, after having walked a mile outside at work. The walk tired me as much as any run of the same length would have -- see why I'd rather run? It ends faster and burns more calories, plus, it reshapes my legs. Walking won't do that like running will.

Ah, there's the vanity concern. ;). Yes, I like seeing muscular definition in my legs. I like seeing muscular definition in men's legs too, but I don't know any that are interested in getting their legs to that point or giving me a show. Well, there's always TV for my eye candy, I suppose.

So last night I ran at the park. I'd already logged that walking mile, and added to my running time (well, sorta) it got me over my 3.25 mile goal. Yay.

I just had one tiny problem...

I couldn't run the full ten minutes.
I was disappointed.

Normally I'm on a flat rubber track. The park path is almost never flat and there are hills. Ok, first challenge. I ran as long as I could, then I'd walk and run again. It was progress, just not bragging rights. (As if my 5k training IS something to brag about.)

I had lunch at 10:30 in the morning. That's my lunchtime. Good luck finding a full balanced meal's worth of food in the cafeteria at that time. Lunch isn't being served for the rest of the school yet, so expecting it to be waiting for me is foolish. (I've got to start bringing my lunch... I can't justify paying that price for what is available to me.) At the time I ran, I hadn't had any food for six hours.

I'm diabetic... Hypoglycemia is always on my mind, and sometimes the demon that possesses my entire being. If I seem like a frightened psychotic chick, offer me a snack. Seriously. Rabbity = hypoglycemic. Bonus points if you figure it out because I'm stuttering. Lol. I've had good results for the whole time I've been running and exercising, but it does sometimes sneak up on me.

Challenge 2: no fuel. I wasn't thinking and didn't take any Gu with me either. Or water. And I almost went without my running bra. Honestly, I don't know where my head was when I left the house. Maybe I was already heading into a mild hypoglycemic state from lack of food. It's funny how that can happen without a single hunger pang.

Challenge 3: Halfway into my run, I started feeling pain in my glute, where I hurt it several weeks ago. (Its just too tight and crampy feeling.). Right between the top of my thigh and my bottom, where something is attached to my pelvis. I can't target the darn place with a foam roller, but I can with a tennis ball if I can sit on a hard floor.

I tried to keep running, but I noticed I was adjusting my gait to favor the muscle, and I've learned that when you do THAT, it strains something else that has to overcompensate for your stupid, crybaby self-adjustment. Such as? The hip flexor on the front. Yeah. I've made that connection.

Getting old sucks. Fighting the breakdown sucks worse. Fighting the aging breakdown as you try to get back into shape? Incomprehensible suckage, like the Titanic's sinking whirlpool.

I tried not to limp as I finished my mileage, I really did. But a lot of things were weighing on my mind, such as the woman who was behind me the whole time and never seemed to lose any ground despite the fact I was running and I never saw her do more than walk.

A student called out to me as I ran by, which made me realize I wasn't invisible, and that embarrassed me. It started getting dark and I wasn't sure how well lit the path would be, though the lights did make the autumn colored maple leaves look like the trees were dressed for a party. Plus, I was hungry.

I finished, and went right to our busy little Wal-Mart on Friday night at prime time. In my shiny black tights, sweating with a pink glowing face. Wow, did I look healthy. Lol. Supper, expensive food for my dog, and collapse at home.

I had interestingly epic colorful dreams. Yellow was abundant.

So today my hips are sore (the rest of me is suspiciously NOT excruciatingly sore) and I decided to put on my compression gear. Zensah shin sleeves and high compression shorts, recommended online for injured hip flexors and quad strains. I have a semi-permanently numb quad, maybe that will help?

Customer support at Zensah assured me that their L /XL will fit me, though because I wear a size 14 in pants (oh, the horror of a woman who could squeeze into a 12 but doesn't, for propriety's sake!), I'm "at the top limit of their size range". Hmm. I guess this means if you are any bigger than me, you can't buy recovery gear. (Hey, I DO wear a small in their shin sleeves though!)

You know that sound you get when you wear corduroy pants and take a few steps? That distinctive rrrriiiiiippppping sound? It's what I hear with every step in these shorts. Lol Riprip. Riprip. Ha ha ha.

If I run in them, will that start a fire? :). At least I've found the answer to my bunching shorts problem!

Alas, my tummy being a bit pudgy, the shorts aren't really supporting the front of my hip. :(. On the other hand, as with the shin sleeves, I really can feel a massaging sensation under the fabric, as the compression stimulates circulation and fluid removal.

I think they give a lovely Spanx effect to my shaping, in any case, except for the thigh band. Getting them on is an adventure, bringing to mind unpleasant flashbacks to childhood turtlenecks that induced claustrophobia.

Just... If you see me in these or my tights, and my shirt isn't hanging low enough to hide the details, don't look. :). We'll both be scarred for life.

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