Sunday, November 4, 2012

I R Not A Polar Bear

Hauled my butt over to the track today to pick up my training. Today it was 5 warmup walk, 8 running, 5 walk, 8 running, 5 cool down walk. It went pretty well, but I really had to play some Jedi mind games to do the running segments without ever slowing to a walk to catch my breath.

I'm glad I did it. I haven't actually lost any ground by taking two injury-healing weeks off after the last race like I imagined I would. I did just fine and was very happy there wasn't a third running segment coming. I'm coughing like crazy, though, with my lungs producing a lot of mucus. Yuck. I don't know how to get past that, much as I would like to.

The weather was great for running today. No wind, about 55 degrees, golden autumn sunlight. Just warm enough that my tights were the perfect choice with a t-shirt.

When I got out of my car back at home, my hip seized up again, so I decided to brave my first-ever ice bath.

It was cold. Breath-stealing, gasping at my own craziness cold. Still, it was the best and fastest way to get my legs and hips iced from the waist down. I only have two large ice packs and I can't put them on both hips simultaneously. So... Waist down, all at once.

It wasn't too bad after a few seconds. I didn't exactly go numb, but I'm pretty sure I saw blue toes. Over an hour later, and my skin is still cold to the touch. Lol In any case, after my skin had been in the ice water for a minute, it felt no different than swimming around in a cold swimming pool too early in the season.

Why I know what that feels like, I'm not exactly sure, but it wasn't THAT bad, and my hip eased up when I got out and started warming up. :).

Supposedly, ice baths kick-start the healing process in the microscopic muscle tears that are the hallmark of strengthening. I hope it works... I'd hate to think I gave myself an icy bootie for no reason. :D

I was definitely thinking of Eddie Izzard on that one. If he can take it, so can I.

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