Friday, November 30, 2012

Love This Runner's Shirt!

Basically, it's a little snark for those running behind him in a half marathon to enjoy (or get really pissed off about) and use for motivation. I like his attitude!

He says that he is:

Ahead of you.


I SO need to create my own motivator shirt.. Or maybe a joke that will have people behind me laughing so hard they won't be *able* to pass me... Thus, my racing strategy is born. It would be lovely if I could get technical shirts printed, huh? :)  Maybe I'll worry about that sometime after I've lost some weight, as a reward.  I think it's a bit early to get cocky about running.  Cocky about what?  Exactly. LOL  I'm glad you're coming along with me on this.

I do already have my "Whatever!" Logo shirts on Cafe Press. That is, if they didn't eat my graphic file while my sales have been going nowhere. Lol

Right now I have to find some winter running socks, or my toes will be frostbitten in a few days when the temperature drops again. They were numb Thanksgiving morning for half of the Turkey Trot.  And the soles of my feet went numb right along with my toes.  Fortunately, no numbness today.

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