Monday, November 26, 2012

Mason Jar Salads

Okay, I thought I would give this a try because I have GOT to stop eating the food from the school cafeteria. Today my legs swelled up tighter than a tick (THAT HURT) after eating it, and lately, all I can taste in it is salt.

I need fresh veggies anyway, and I do love a good salad. If I do it right, I can cut my calories for the day and not feel like I'm starving. I hope it works...

Here's what I put together this time, from bottom to top:
Two tablespoons light Asian sesame dressing
1/4 cup carrots
1/4 cup celery
Bean sprouts *
Mushrooms *
Roma tomatoes (firmer, less juice)
Red onion
Mandarin oranges
Baby spinach (1 bag for five salads - didn't seem like enough but there wasn't much to choose from at the store)
2 hard boiled eggs

* Both the sprouts and the mushrooms had sodium I hadn't thought about because they were canned, so I rinsed them well to try to get rid of some.

After I shook up the jar, I realized I needed to dump it out in a bowl. Lol. It tasted a bit unseasoned so I covered my salad in Mrs. Dash, and that perked things up quite a bit. I'm not sure how long that will keep my hunger at bay, and there isn't enough protein in there, but I was so tired after shopping last night that I didn't want to cook up any chicken. I forgot to buy it, anyway.

I didn't have any cheese but I thought that might add to the sodium anyway. (Maybe some Laughing Cow cheese would be nice on the side. )Same with bacon bits. :(. All processed meats and cheeses... Eh, too much sodium. Every glass of water I drink goes straight to my lower legs. I've got my grandmother's problem with edema, and I'm really not old enough for that.

I'd like to have a little veggie variety, but I suppose I'll have to stick to frozen stuff to avoid the sodium in the cans. Corn, English peas... Mmm.

Next time I need to double the amount of oranges, and use fresh mushrooms instead of canned. Bean sprouts too, but there's not much to choose from locally in that respect. Maybe adding some tuna would be tasty.

So... Lower sodium, lower calories, higher potassium, higher protein. Aargh! Looks like I'm a gonna have to start liking beans and invest in a lot of air fresheners. Lol

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