Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outside arch pain

I almost think that I should retitle my blog "So What's Hurting Today?" if I'm going to keep blogging about my newbie running experiences.  What I'm finding out is that pain from strange places is the bane of the beginner runner's existence.  As for me, I believe I'm going to injure every part of my body at least once before my body allows me to settle comfortably into a routine of running.

I'm going to be physically punished every single day for at least a full year, even if I do things right.  Even though I've been properly fitted for running shoes, so please don't lecture me about how I should do that, when I just did it two months ago. :) My shoes are great, for the first time, although my toes get cold due to that mesh toe box topper.

Please don't make me go teacher on you and tell you to go back and read for details you missed. LOL ;)

So here's the post-mortem for the Turkey Trot (listed as a 5k, but it was actually 5.6k) I did on Thursday.  Many things made me unhappy.

I was able to walk it with a friend.  I can't tell you what a welcome relief it was to NOT be absolutely lonely for that distance.

Understand that we told them we were walking the entire course, and we informed the organizers of that before we started, so I was pretty unhappy as we were coming up the last half mile stretch and heard.... they were already going through the winners and handing out awards.  I believe they only recognized 1st place male and female, and didn't bother with either age groups or with giving anybody an official time. (Our time was right at 57 minutes.)  Yes, we could hear them laughing about the fact that people were still coming in and deciding maybe they should stop until we all came in. (Over the loudspeaker they were using - we heard it all.)

There were no water stops along the distance.  Just a single bottle of water available at the finish.  I know that it was their first time running a race and that it was a fundraiser, but the organizers have been in races themselves.  It made me feel like it was literally all about the money, and to hell with the slow people.  And yes, of course, the safety truck passed me again. I didn't care about running.  I was just helping them with their fundraiser and enjoying having a friend to walk with.

About halfway through, my right big toe decided to reassert that I DID break its metatarsal three weeks ago, and set to aching.  Then all of my toes started going numb on the bottom, presumably from the impact of my toes hitting the ground with each step.  (Both feet, BTW) They'd been cold earlier, because it was 45 degrees and as I said, they are mesh-topped, but this was different.  This is the numbness that overtakes the toes and the soles of my feet even on the elliptical trainer at the gym.

No, my shoes were not laced too tight.  It doesn't matter how tight or loose my shoes are, because my toes / feet still go numb.  Maybe it's my weight.  Maybe it's a diabetic complication.  Maybe it happens to everybody else and they just aren't saying so.

I did my best to keep planting my right foot properly as I walked, not wanting a compensation injury for walking funny. LOL  Still, walking to the finish line I realized that the outside bottom of the arch on my right foot was aching.  That got progressively worse as the day went on, until I was tearing up from the pain of simply walking.  I've tried massaging with my hands and with a tennis ball, changed shoes three times, and nothing is helping.  When I take my weight off my foot, it feels like a balloon has squeezed a bunch of liquid into that part of my foot.  I have no idea how I could have hurt myself just by freaking WALKING.  Just sitting here barefoot with my foot flat on the floor hurts, to be honest.

The only description I've seen that even comes close is bursitis, except that there are no bursa at all in the place where I'm hurting.  Oh, I also wound up with a blister on the inside of my heel, same foot, wearing special running socks that never caused me a problem before.

With all the painful discouragement I'm getting from running, the elliptical trainer, and just from walking, I'm beginning to believe that I'm supposed to just die this way, without ever being able to move around again.


  1. Well, you did it! Most everyone else in the county was on the couch or still in bed!!! Yes, they were not considerate of slowness. Like we said, if they didn't want to do it, they should've made it another day. But it was fun....the chatting, the laughing, etc. And we got a cool shirt. ;)

  2. Oh yes! We did get a nice shirt. :) I liiiiive for tee shirts... you know I do. LOL I am so not a fashion maven. hahaahah

    I didn't make it to the Halls race this morning... My foot was hurting too much. I don't know WHAT is going on there but I think it will take a golf ball to massage that one. Tennis ball is just too easy for me to press flat!