Sunday, November 18, 2012

Renaming Migraines "Voldemort"

Holy cow... All the stuff I have to do this week:

Massage (ok, looking forward to that, actually)
My sister's birthday
Harvest & shell pecans for pies
Thanksgiving shopping and cooking
Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving morning
My brother's birthday
My friend's birthday
Turkey Trot race Saturday morning, if fear doesn't kill me first.

And I'm expected by the retailers of the world to go shopping on Friday?

Dang. I don't think so. I got a headache yesterday, after laughing with a colleague that because I had said the word "migraine" that I would now get one.

It's true, it always happens. The word migraine is a migraine trigger for me.

24 hours, four Tylenol, and two cups of coffee later, and it is only getting WORSE.

I may have to go and buy myself a Pepsi. It might not kill the migraine, but it would please me, anyway. Sometimes a Pepsi has actually alleviated a migraine for me. Maybe it's the sugar with the caffeine that does the trick. (Ha ha ha, so now you know I don't keep soda in the house. I keep skim milk, MiO, and juice that I water down halfway in my glass, because of the calories.)

I must not say the word. It's like saying Voldemort's name - everyone was afraid to say his name because it might summon him if they did, so they said "He Who Must Not Be Named" and "You Know Who".

So... I hereby rename my migraines to Voldemort. I fear them so much more than He Who Must Not Be Named, anyway.

So if I say that I'm glad I haven't had a Voldemort in a while, you'll know what I'm talking about, won't you? I don't mean I haven't fooled around with the Dark Lord for some time (yuck). I just don't want to invoke a You Know What.

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