Thursday, November 29, 2012

Running in the Buff

Soon I'll be running in the Buff. Well, a buff. Wanna see?

No, not what you think. That would be.... Well, horrible.

Why? Because I have an absolute fear of sucking in that cold dry air outside and getting bronchitis. I'm planning to wear it as a balaclava, and with any luck, maybe as a headband when I'm traveling with no curling iron or hair dryer.

So if you see me somewhere looking like a ninja with a sari wrapped around her face, don't worry, I won't mug you. But you could offer me a nice mug of chai, if you wanted to. :) Herbal tranquilizer, as it happens.

Considering that I've been spending time in Azkaban lately, I need something to save me from the Dementors' evil. I need my perception of the world to change drastically. But all I have seen for a long time is how evil, spiteful, and selfish people are. No amount of chocolate will fix things after a brush with them. It's why I don't want to be thought of as the servant who is obligated to do menial jobs for them. I know a lot of people look down on me as some kind of lower class person from them, so I have to help them see their error.

Sorry about that little side trip to the dark side. I'm just tired of people sneering at me.

If you want to see something cool, look at the Buff wearing videos on YouTube. I was impressed. I wanna wear mine like a pirate sometime. Arr!

Bought some cheap "magic" gloves to run in. I doubt they'll really satisfy me, but I always keep them in my coat pockets, and I've been known to give them away when someone needed them. My last spare set, therefore, is gone. Someday I would love to knit some mittens and gloves to give away, but right now I'm occupied by Christmas gifts to make. I can't stand for my hands to be cold, and I hate seeing others with cold hands.

So now that I've spent more money on running, I'm going to have to get my butt back out there. I think my strained arch (all the fluid was likely a reaction to protect the strained muscles) is better. It didn't hurt too badly to walk today, though it still hurts a bit.

It looks like I'm going to hurt everything once or twice before running stops killing me.

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