Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Boo Berry Incident

I've just made a banana-berry high protein smoothie for myself, and I'm going to force myself to drink it throughout the day. Why? Well, I need the calcium. I also need the protein to repair whatever is wrong with my muscles. (60 grams in this mixture.) Nearly a week after running, my leg is still aching down in the bone, or near the surface, or whatever. I don't know. I'll have to see a doctor to find out. So I'm researching that currently.

Berry mix for antioxidants and banana for potassium. Something has to help.

My collarbone hurts... Well, my entire shoulder hurts along with it, front and back, and I've done nothing more than sleep on it. It happens every year at this time and I think it is just a result of having broken it when I was two, and the fact that aging causes pain wherever there has been an injury before. My foot still hurts. I'm very sure I broke that toe, but it should be about half healed by now, so there's nothing to be done for it anyway. meh. There was nothing to be done for it in the first place, I already knew.

I'm not enjoying this smoothie... It's too sugary tasting, even with the unsweetened frozen fruit.

Then, of course, there are the blueberries.

Oh good Lord, I have an issue with blueberries! They kinda freak me out. I thought I could hide the taste with the other fruit, but they are all I can taste. (And that bag of frozen fruit was too expensive to just throw out, mmmkay?). Raspberries, an entire banana, and EXTRA strawberries. Guess which flavor overpowers the rest. Uh huh.

Dilemma: add fruit juice or ice to dilute the drink, and have much more drink to suffer thru the blueberry taste, OR leave it thick and have less to get down.

I tasted the blueberries the first time and immediately wondered about the feasibility of a vegetable smoothie. Tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers... Actually, I think that would be gazpacho. Not an altogether unwelcome thought en este momento.

Ah, did I mention that I used mi Español flying to Italy? We were on Iberia Air, and I hated it. Rude flight attendants who talked far too fast for me to effectively translate and an old overheated plane. I don't think I hate Delta anymore. They were good to me on the way back home this time. However, having taken Spanish in school helped tremendously with Italian. 😁

So what's my issue with blueberries? When I was in kindergarten, my dad dropped us off at the home of a classmate each morning. He had to be at work by 7 am, school didn't start until 8, and Scottie and Kim's house was just a few houses away from our school. Their mom walked us over close to bell time. I remember I had finally convinced Daddy to buy us some Boo Berry cereal for breakfast. It took a lot of begging. I really think that I wanted to eat the cereal because it was blue. I remember that my sister wanted Franken Berry instead. How did I win that argument? No idea! I don't think I ever won again.

I don't blame General Mills. I don't blame blueberries. I don't blame Boo Berry, though I shudder when I see it. I think it was just a stomach virus. Dad said he would never buy that damn cereal again. Haha. (I didn't want to see it again, after that morning. He may have been angry about my wasting an entire box of cereal.)

I had a fever that morning. I remember being in the bathroom at the Lewis' house and vomiting all over myself. I'll just sum things up by saying you don't even want to think about what regurgitated Boo Berry looks like. It scarred me for life. I'm especially sorry about the mess I made of Mrs. Lewis' bathroom. I don't know if I was taken on to school at that point. That may have been the same morning I barfed in my kindergarten class. I don't know if I trashed the carpet, but I remember Mrs. Davenport trying to rush me over to the sink to throw up in there. At that time, I remember clearly thinking it was wrong to tell me to get sick in the sink, because you're supposed to do that over the toilet. Obviously, I didn't get it. Lol

But blueberries make me relive that morning, and I have a "thing" about eating them. So this smoothie? I must be a glutton for punishment. Choking them on down the hatch....

(Screen shot from the General Mills website)

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