Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Water, water, all day long.

Today I worked really hard to get my 100 ounces of required water in. I burned lots of calories just going back and forth to the bathroom!

MiO today, Crystal Light Margarita tomorrow. I believe someone threw away my drink jug at work. No matter, I've got another recycled one just like that. Lol. I've found that mixed with two quarts of water as directed, the margarita drink tastes a little heavy, so I dilute it 50% with water. I'm going for flavored water anyway, like I do with my fruit juice nowadays. Straight juice just makes me thirstier.

I didn't run today like I had planned to. After work it was dark and about 32 degrees, and I took a three hour nap because I was feeling so tired and depressed.

Another mason jar salad for dinner -- I really like them so far! Next time I think I will double the celery as well, because celery is a diuretic and only has 4 calories per quarter cup anyway. I'm pretty sure I came in under 1400 calories today on food. If not, I was close.

For morning, I prepped my oatmeal tonight, with some white chocolate sugar free coffee syrup for sweetener. :). Found that on a bodybuilding forum. I think it's the only flavor the guy actually loves. Maybe I'll throw in some peanut butter too. I HOPE it will keep me from being so ravenous at lunchtime.

I'm finding it difficult to allot calories for protein with only 1400 to work with. I may have to get going on some more protein smoothies, but those aren't exactly low-cal either.

Looks like I'm going to have to kick my running into high gear... I need to get up at five and do it... But it's so cold out and I'm always too tired, plus it exhausts me for hours and I don't live In a safe neighborhood. I'd rather work out in the evening, but when the day gets me down, all I can do is go to sleep when I get home. I wonder, if I moved to England, could I become a morning person due to the difference in time zones?


By the way, with all those trips to the bathroom today, my urine never became clear. Hmmmm....

Signing off and heading to dreamland. Hopefully tonight I won't be plagued by nightmares all night like I was last night. Hard to really rest when your brain is screaming in frustration and fear all night. But at least I've always known why I have nightmares. Unfortunately, knowing isn't the same as curing. Sometimes you have to hold on tight for the whole crazy ride. Dreamscape had it right except for one thing: being violently killed in your dreams will NOT necessarily kill you in reality. Can't tell you how many times I've been hacked to death or strangled and had to be a sentient corpse in my own dream until the alarm pulled me out.

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