Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome to Your Hamster Wheel

I ran two days ago, and yesterday, walking was near-torture. This time the pain wasn't shin splints -- normally I have pretty nasty deep, stabbing aches along the fronts of my tibia. No, this time I'm feeling stressed muscles in my calves and on the insides if my legs at the bottoms of my calves presumably where the muscle attached to the bones.

I haven't ruled out the possibility of stress fractures, and I promise I will go for x rays if the pain becomes more than a nagging ache. That is, if it starts waking me up from a deep sleep thinking someone has just stabbed my shinbone with a serrated knife, I'll crawl for help.

I'm trying to gather intelligence from people who have been in my situation before, with this kind of pain, fitness level, and stubborn desire to run without complications. Dreading to hear, as I've read, that it will take a solid year for my musculoskeletal system to strengthen enough for me to run enough to lose weight by running. :)

I still contend that I'm trapped in a major catch 22. I have learned (by trial) that the only physical considerations that make ME lose weight are long and strenuous bouts of cardio exercise. That's right, I have to breathe hard and sweat like crazy for at least forty minutes a day in order to see any results. Cutting calories doesn't work because I'm already consuming fewer calories than it takes to maintain my weight without triggering hypoglycemia.

Only intense sweating and exertion will do any good.

Have I mentioned how much I hate sweating? It makes even my face sting and burn. Maybe I'm just perpetually dehydrated and my sweat is extra salty, but it's unpleasant. But that's just a minor whine.

I can't run long enough or often enough now to see any results, because the pain shows up too quickly and lasts too long. I manage a little over two miles and then I'm unable to do anything unless I take two or three rest days before my next shot. Even if I burn 300 calories, I can only manage it twice in one week without injury last weeks. 600 or even 900 calories (being extremely generous with a good week there! LOL) in one week... Will take approximately four weeks to work off ONE pound.

A pound a month is not worth the effort when you have forty to lose.

I can't wait four years.

So I suppose I need to figure out some cardio program for myself that will consume at least 3500 calories a week without compromising progress on my running training.

You'll just have to forgive my being tired and cranky all of the time for the next year, if my prospective efforts pay off with no setbacks in the meantime.

600 calories worked off a day for six days a week ... How do I do that without eating more to keep me going?

There's the dilemma.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel.

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