Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Workout Journal 11/13/12

35 minutes elliptical (350 calories)
Short break for water
25 minutes elliptical (250 calories)
~600 calories

My left ankle/shin muscle hurt when I was finished and both feet went numb during both workout segments. Walking after was ridiculously slow because I surpassed my energy limit. Drank correct amount of water... Gained 7 pounds in a week according to gym scale. (But my clothes are still loose.) I hope that thing needs calibration. My thighs suddenly didn't look smooth and firm... They looked like they were swollen with cottage cheese. I'm pretty angry about that. Wore my running tights to the gym because I was embarrassed by my legs and it was freezing out. Sweated so much my hair was drenched when I left and my hair was completely matted together as a result. Had a sudden craving for cucumbers and hummus. Made a berry protein smoothie instead. I still want to eat raw crunchy vegetables, which is bizarre for me. So tired when I went home I went to bed two hours earlier than usual. Dog woke me at 4 am. Still exhausted at 6:30 am and really wanted to call in sick. Didn't work out tonight (Wednesday). I figure that I might need to work up to a full hour of heavy cardio every single day. The elliptical was more doable and less painful than running, but I still want to be able to run at least every other day, for long distances... Someday... But I'm just too heavy. I hate looking in the mirror. * a full 10-12 pounds of this weight lives in my bra if I'm NOT retaining fluid. Then... It's worse. It's enough to make me go back to my plastic surgeon and tell him to take me down to an A cup this time. YOU try being active with freakishly large breasts.

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