Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barkless and Distressed

I'm the distressed one. I took the bandages off my dog's neck last night and he seemed relieved. A little itchy, but that may be due to having his neck shaved for treatment. Then again, healing wounds often itch.

He was doing a little whining tonight with his mouth, rather than his throat, so I gave him a dose of codeine. Dr. White said not to let him suffer any pain, because it wasn't his fault it happened anyway.

I tried to get him to bark, but all that came out was a strangled squeak. I hope it's just a factor of his throat still being swollen from the attack. I hope his voice isn't damaged permanently. I love hearing him bark and do his crazy play growl at me ... Rawr rawr rawr while he bumps his butt on a chair, being silly.

I think my worries about him are driving my insomnia, which is driving me this week. What I need is for Morpheus, god of dreams, to come and drag me onto his chariot to some pleasant location for a few hours. Lets see if he stands me up.

New Years plans? I've only ever had plans once as an adult.

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