Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Penguin Run ... Fail! Lol

It was 34 degrees when I got home from work, and darkness was starting to close in. The wind chill was 26 degrees. Brr!

I'm a person who HATES being cold with a frigid blue passion (hey, I heard that...) so I wanted to test out my running gear in freezing temps, just to see if I could take it.

Temperature-wise, I was fine once I got warmed up. Only my fingertips and my butt felt cold. If I'd worn my compression shorts under my all-season UnderArmour running tights, I probably would have had a warm tushie too, but hey, that's used to being cold. Not much fat back there to insulate.

Had the tights, cheap knit gloves, a long sleeved tech shirt, UnderArmour Storm Fleece jacket, ankle socks, and the tights, being overlong on a short woman, kept my legs covered. I wore a Buff as a balaclava, and pulled my hood up too. My breath was fairly warm because of my headcover, but it was a little claustrophobic for me, because the Buff kept encroaching on my eyes. I need to work on the fit, and get used to the feel. But it indeed kept me warm.

Did my five minutes of warmup walking and in my question to get warm, I must have started off WAY too fast. Somewhere in there, my Nike+ app says I ran at the pace of about an 11 minute mile, much faster than usual.

And then my peroneal muscles started screaming at me, from both legs simultaneously. Burning, aching, tight... I guess my legs weren't warm enough after all! I forced myself to hobble the rest of the mile around the track as a cool down, and that mile was all I could do. Too fast, muscles not warmed.... Recipe for disaster, so I bowed out. I'm disappointed, because I actually liked running in the cold, without being cold. :D

Another time, perhaps. Now I know I can handle the temperature, if I maybe slip on my compression sleeves for extra warmth and circulation.

I don't know what else to do on that -- maybe bring sweatpants to take off, or buy some noisy windbreaker pants? Longer warmup time? Legwarmers? Resign myself to winter on the Dreadmill?

Hey, Santa, I'd love some Zensah running gloves. :). Do you think they make them small enough for me? I buy mine in the boys' section usually. ;)

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