Sunday, December 9, 2012

How'd I hurt my... Chest?

Hurts to use my arm! When I try, I get a pain that starts in my armpit and wraps across my pectoral muscle. It feels like I spent a long time trying to yank open my locked kitchen door. Driving today was a challenge.

Hmm. Maybe there was more to my nightmare last night than I thought. As zonked as I was, I might have been sleepwalking and trying desperately in my terror to get away from something. Because the kitchen door is key-locked inside and out, I couldn't operate the lock. Good thing, too. I wasn't dressed for a middle of the night sleepwalking jaunt outside.

Two lovely little storms just passed through. I was hoping they would lull me back to sleep, but now I'm awake and dizzy, with just the sound of trains going by, most likely headed for New Orleans or Chicago. No clue why I'm dizzy, but the room is doing the slowly tilted vertigo spin for me. Eewww... Not pleasant.

I desperately want to sleep on my right side, but that's the owwie side, and I can't lift my arm because that'll make things worse. It's like the feeling I had after surgery when I had over a hundred stitches across my chest and was unable to get off my back... And I'm a side sleeper. Annoying and hard to rest this way.

The storms are gone, so I'm going to turn on an app for that, and try to prop myself toward the right without extending my arm...oh, I really wanna. Lol but I'm collarbone- challenged as it is...

Hey! The rain is back! :) *yawn*

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