Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My baby was almost killed...

I'm lying on my bed at ten am Christmas Day, with a very injured and traumatized Yorkie napping against me, head on my hip. He's been too full of morphine to do much more than lie around with his tongue hanging out, in a very loopy state.

Yesterday, I heard someone screaming in my front yard. It was the girl across the street, screaming because a larger dog was attacking mine, and just about to kill him. It had Quincy by the throat, and kept attacking. Because my dog was leashed, he couldn't get away. He just lay on his back, trying to play dead. Eyes open wide and terrified, tongue hanging out, trying to look submissive.

He had a torn tongue, bloody eye, three neck wounds, one of which was his jugular, and went into shock. His pupils were dilated and he shivered uncontrollably.

I got a lot of lame excuses from the attacking dog's owner, from saying it wasn't his dog -- it is his landlord's dog (bs - they aren't allowed pets and she lives in another state), to "it's a house dog" to explain why he was running loose. The same dog had attacked a cat across the street this morning in its yard, and then it came after my dog. It looked like a gigantic Jack Russell Terrier, only mixed with something larger and stockier. The guy just stood off in the distance, not making a move to stop his dog.

I told him my dog is a house dog too, and he is always on a leash outside, so don't give me that garbage about having a house dog. You don't let a house dog run around loose in the middle of a heavily populated neighborhood.

I also told him I'll shoot the dog if I see it in my yard again. My mind was screaming all sorts of horrible threats and profanities. I didn't say any of those things out loud.

I still think I may put out a warrant on him and make him pay for the vet bill.

Police were called, saying they could do nothing but cite the owner for violating the leash law, and I took my poor baby to the hospital, wrapped in a towel to keep him warm.

He hasn't wanted me out of his sight, so for Christmas dinner, I didn't eat or do much. I haven't been hungry anyway. I guess i was in shock too. When a family member held him so I could get some food or just to give me a break, he tried to follow me. So putting his head on my hip for some petting reassures me that he's dealing with the situation.

Unfortunately, with his injured tongue, he doesn't want to eat or drink, though I'm using a medicine syringe to squirt water in his mouth occasionally. Oh, he hates that as much as he hates the three medicines he has to take for his wounds -- codeine, anti-inflammatory steroid, and antibiotics. But I can't let him get dehydrated.

Now that he's walking again, he ambles slowly around the house when his pain medicine fades, too scared and out of it to remember to ring his bell when he wants to go out. Slowly turning circles for me to follow him. Everything is slow motion for him now. The vet told me to keep giving him his pain meds; there is no reason for him to suffer any more than he already is with his fear.

It's ironic that his leash endangered him, because now he can't wear a collar when he goes outside. I'm also scared to let him out on his leash in his own front yard, but he has made sure to re mark all of the verticals in my yard and the house to my left. It's still his yard. I'll just have to go outside with him from now on, and fix the backyard so he can't get out of the fence.

Quincy is still shaking intermittently, and now he's even afraid of the cat that has been his buddy for years.

Now I'm sorry I reached for the rolled up newspaper in my haste to get the attacker off Quincy. I almost grabbed the large garden shears that were just as handy. A lot of thoughts went through my head in that fraction of a second when I reached for the shears.

Is this her dog? Is she shocked by what he is doing?
She's trying to stop him. She kicked him in the head with her bare foot.
Can I whack it with the shears without killing it?
What happens if I kill that dog?
Can I avoid hurting Quincy in the process?
Is it going to attack me like that other dog did? Am I going back to the hospital today, bleeding profusely again?
Who is that man just standing there doing and saying nothing?
Can I keep myself from opening the shears and stabbing that dog to death?
I wish I had a baseball bat. Not even a broom. Somebody stole my broom.
If I yell at that guy with shears in my hand, will I be charged with assault with a deadly weapon?

That dog almost killed my baby. I don't have children, so my dog is my baby. He only weighs 8 pounds and isn't an aggressive breed. He's a lapdog, and always has been. He's missing several teeth, including an upper canine, so biting back wouldn't help him. He was tied up, maybe barking at an intruder in his yard.

I don't think I've done anything wrong here. Neither did my dog. He wasn't trespassing. And he was defenseless, trapped on his leash.

Thanks for ruining Christmas, neighbor. I'd love to hear that when the police got to your door, they would discover outstanding warrants in your name.

Quincy after his trip to the animal hospital, where they took him right in for immediate treatment.

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