Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running Goals for 2013

I might as well set some goals for next year, for my running. :) I'll probably add to them later, when I accomplish these. They may or may not be in order.

1. Run a 5k without stopping for walk breaks. (I stole that from Eva - thanks, Eva! - but I want that too.)

2. Run the circuit of the park nonstop, including that monster hill by the old country club.

3. Find / create some new running paths locally. Creating may just consist of mapping out and testing, of course.

4. Run every other day without ever-increasing injury to my shins. Meaning, run whenever I darn well want to because my musculoskeletal system has finally adapted to my running. (Shins, are you hearing me? I baby you with all sorts of calcium -- now it's time to show some strength.)

5. Lose 20 pounds. I know I have at least 40 to lose, and 50 would be great, but I have a fail-and-quit mentality. If I lose them slowly -- work them off physically, they will be more likely to stay gone. Besides, if I lose 20 by summer, then I will have a timeline to follow and know I can accomplish the whole amount eventually. I know that increasing distance is the key. :)

6. Run in 2 big 5ks next year. The crowds scare me right now, but if I can go with a friend, it won't be so bad.

7. Get out of "beginner" mode and finally just start enjoying my run each time.

8. Get out and run even when the weather is yucky.

9. Run a mile before work twice a week.

10. Cross-train twice a week. (I'm still so tired all the time.)

11. Get OUT of the freaking obese category to merely overweight. Lol. I know, I don't actually look like what you think obese looks like. You're imagining 500 pounds, but I'm there and not that heavy, just like Schwarzenegger!

12. Increase my mileage to 20 mpw by July 1st.

13. Increase my mileage to 30 mpw by December 31st, 2013.

14. Run / walk a 10k. (Running as much as possible.)

15. Participate in at least 6 5ks next year. Just fun & finish, run for good causes.

16. Run for St. Jude next fall. :) 5k for sure.

17. Participate in all 3 of the races I've already done before: Mission March, CC Turkey Trot, Junior Aux. Turkey Trot. Improve my time from each by a minute.

18. Reduce my mile time to 14 min consistently by the end of February.

19. Reduce my mile time to 13 min consistently by the end of March.

20. Reduce my mile time to 12 min consistently by the end of May. (Because I ran a 12 minute first mile in the Mission March, overweight, anxious, and in pain, under better circumstances, it shouldn't be a problem to do without injury.)

21. 2014 - 10k / half marathon year. I may only attempt one half. I may just train for it. I may just attend one and cheer with two broken legs!

22. 2015 - tackle the marathon. Maybe by then our local marathon trail will be complete. Uh, started. Hm, maybe just considered.

23. Help someone else get out and get moving, even if it is just for beginner's walks. :)

24. Finish Couch to 5k and start 10 k training. AARGH! I just don't think it is right for me to progress when I'm not able to do all the nonstop runs yet. Lol. Or is that ok? FINISHED C25K 1/4/13.
Of course, if I keep getting injured, all of these goals will have to be changed or moved to my bucket list. *rolling eyes*

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