Thursday, January 3, 2013

Almost Finished With C25K. :D

I have one more run to go. Yay! Tomorrow, if my legs cooperate. I will probably go on and forge ahead with C210k. C25K is an eight week program, but I didn't finish it that quickly. Nothing said I had to! The every other day approach, I believe, is intended to ensure that participants take necessary rest days from running. If you're young and in decent shape already, you probably CAN run every other day.

I'm just a tad over 40, finally starting my running life, so I had a hard time believing that my muscles weren't strong enough and my connective tissues weren't elastic enough to just beast the darn program. If it hadn't hurt, I probably would have tried to skip some rest days.

Yeah, mentally I'm still 25 years old wondering where the heck the last sixteen years went. I haven't had the traditional middle age so far. No serious relationship, though there were a few guys who admittedly, were allowed to treat me like a doormat, necessitating the building of much higher and stronger emotional walls. No family of my own, ever. It'll never be possible. It was very important to me. It'll haunt me the rest of my days.

I kicked myself through training May, June, and July, running outside in seriously high temps and humidity that made me dizzy. At the end of July, my shin splints were so excruciating that I had to cease and desist through the month of August. I blame poor shoes, the pavement I was running on, and my own stubbornness. Plus, I didn't know the difference between normal soreness and the pain that precedes a serious injury. (I was having trouble WALKING.) I thought I was just being a crybaby and I tried to tough it out.

Yeah, you've called me that too. You think I didn't know? :) But I digress.

I'm learning what's simple muscle soreness, what's serious pain, and someday when I'm stronger, hopefully my soreness won't stretch for days into an injury I couldn't see coming.

I started C25K over at the beginning in September. I don't regret it. When I started back with the 1 min run 1 1/2 min walk increments, and breezed right through them, it made me feel so successful. My ego needed a bandaid! A silly multicolored one fit for a child. My inner child needed some gold stars.

I signed up for a Valentine's Day race (okay, the Saturday before. Believe me, I know when my birthday will hit. No problem with my age, just so you know. Just the ironic suckage of being born on Valentine's Day and never having a Valentine. Bleh). It's a charity race, under the banner of "Tickled Pink For A Cure". I see that there are seven women registered in my age group already, so of course, I won't even place. Haha! But because I signed up early enough, I'll get a personalized bib. They didn't ask me what I wanted on it. Maybe they'll just stick with my first name.

I'm okay with having no chance of winning, I really am.

I just don't. Want. To. Come. In. Last. Again.


I did that, and it didn't kill me, but it embarrassed me. I'm still embarrassed.

The reward for me being brave and signing up is a new pair of Zensah shin sleeves in either Neon Pink or Tie Dye Pink. I can't decide. Maybe just the Neon, for visibility. I'm going to get a pair of arm compression sleeves, too.

I hope this course will give us (at least) water. The last one had NOTHING on the course. At the finish, we could get a bottle of water. If I'd known that, I'd have taken my handheld. I do get pretty dry-throated at times and then I get choked.

Recap of last night at the gym - 10 min warmup walk + 30 min nonstop running + 5 min cool down walk. I never needed a walk break in that 30 minutes. Major goofy grin here, because I didn't believe it was possible a year ago. It was jus a bizarre lifelong fantasy of mine.

Tomorrow night is 35 min nonstop running. I know I can do it, because once I overcame my panic at higher breathing, I realized the only thing I had to worry about was energy management.

Yep, still a problem for me. Clif Shot Bloks will have to be the solution until blood sugar stops plummeting with exertion. It'll take some practice to get the nutrition and energy balanced for distance running.

After I finished 2.5 miles on that treadmill, I was over the time limit imposed by the gym. Oops. :). Only 30 minutes per cardio machine during peak times. BUT... When I arrived, there was only one treadmill available to use, so I took it. By the time I finished my first round, several had opened up, so I didn't skip my cool down.

I did all of my leg machines, including the glute machine, nicknamed the "butt blaster". Lol. That just sounds rude! I don't have any butt to lose, but it's incredibly weak, and my piriformis / glute/ i don't know what keeps hurting / dying on me while I run. Strengthen 'em all -- maybe that'll fix me up. Sadly, I could only do 10 pounds on that one! Lol. My left leg was up for the new challenge. My right leg... The effort to properly and slowly push back a mere ten pounds had me shaking and sweating. You're not supposed to kick. It has to be a controlled push and release. (I'm relieved there was nobody in there to witness my misery.)

I don't know how interrelated with this my meralgia paresthetica is. Its the same leg. But after I developed a tightness somewhere above my hamstring a few months ago, I have noticed my right leg doesn't want to lift on its own power, and I essentially drag it forward and up using my hip. Yeah, ouch.

Feels like I'm doing a zombie imitation. Braaaains! I hope nobody can tell when they see me walk.

It's weak, or dying, or something, and if I ask a local doctor, it's either all in my head or unfixable, but please keep coming back every few months so I can collect more money from you. Ka-Ching.

My neurosurgeon told me I have the very healthy spine of a 19 year old. (Give it back! Lol) He also said there was nothing he could do to help except give me a bunch of pain meds which will definitely make me gain weight. No THANK you! I'm gonna try making myself stronger. And I'm going to run while I still have sensation in my leg, even though that sensation is most often burning electrical nerve pain. Yeehaa.

After the leg machines, I got back on the treadmill to see what would happen if I put in a nice leisurely 2 mile walk to stretch things out. And build my base. And 2 turned into 2.5 before my upper leg started whispering that I'd better knock it off before it screamed.

I'm not any the worse for wear today. It's the usual bit of calf soreness. No shin pain yet. Still wearing my shin sleeves because they massage my legs nicely and keep them warm and feeling loved.

Note: Thanks to, I know the magic mileage where weight loss hopefully starts: 20 miles a week. I'm going to work my way there, and at least it will give me some hope. :D

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