Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bacterial Infection, Again

For the second time in 10 months, I went to the doctor for a help kicking my (supposed) cold. Nope. No sinus involvement to speak of. Turned out, yet again, to be a bacterial upper respiratory infection. No wonder my ears were hurting.

It just hurt too much to cough, which I needed to do, with my raw throat. Plus, the stuff I was trying to cough out was just too darn thick and sticky in there. Yeah, eww. I thought I was pushing the fluids before! As they used to say in the old MTV commercials -- too much is never enough!

By Monday my throat was too raw for any liquid but water. Everything else not only burned like napalm, it hurt underneath it. I became afraid to swallow.... Shades of Poe, anyone? Seriously, tried straight honey to coat my throat, then warm herbal tea with tons of honey to soothe it. Chloraseptic throat spray stopped helping for more than a few moments, and Life Savers made my eyes water, but a dry throat sent me into gut-wrenching hacking spasms that made me think I was going to wet my pants, throw up, expel my lungs, pass out, and suffocate simultaneously.

It's embarrassing, to say the least. I hide from witnesses, in case something awful does happen.

Talk about a rock and a hard place. It really frightens me when that happens. It makes me have flashbacks to watching my mother die from COPD. It may be what kills me, but the irony of it is, I've chosen to take good care of my lungs. I've never been a smoker. I avoid other people's smoke.

And here I am. I even sound like her at the end right now, in my hoarseness like hers. It's a horrifying glimpse into the future and the past.

Now I've lost eight days of running and strength training at the gym. Probably a few more, while I get past the hacking and inevitable evil stares from other gym goers, who will stare accusingly a the plague bringer and not understand that the bacterial infection isn't contagious like a virus would be. If a virus gave rise to the bacteria, I never heard a peep from it. Maybe I got exposed to the flu and fought it off because i had a flu shot, but a little bacterium took up residence in my right upper bronchii, which cased my chest pain last Tuesday, following my loss od stamina and forced shallow breathing on Monday.

It's possible that there was no virus with a tag along bacterium. Maybe the bacterium was a lone assassin all along. It happens, though it's uncommon.

Obviously, I can't sleep. It's probably anxiety over sleeping with my electric fireplace on, to keep my pipes from freezing while the central heat does its psychotic thing of working three days on, three off. What gives with that thing? It "works" when the repair guy is here so there is nothing for him to find, but it won't keep working, and he kinda acts like I'm too stupid to understand how to run my central unit, suddenly, after 12 years with the thing. It worked great for nine years, then kerplooey! I know, the don't last forever, and mine likely wasn't new when I bought the house. I just miss how well it used to work, and my formerly low utility bills.

So NOT fun to deal with while I'm dealing with a respiratory infection, though it was interesting to find I had refrigerated my sleeping self all night. Fan going, top off, 63 degrees, and you would think that with my skin temperature mirroring the chilly air in the room, literally with half of me exposed to the skin all night, that I would have pulled the comforter up. Nope. I was just there, chillin. Literally. I suppose I may have to induce hypothermia again tonight, to get any sleep in. It's just not coming, though I've had a double dose of codeine cough syrup. And started a Z pack. And that shot. Yeah. They gave me the works. And I hope it work fast. I'm on a Walk Across Tennessee team with some marathoners!

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