Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bronchitis Update

So far, my chest cold is holding steady. I had laryngitis today, and a little bit of coughing. No fever, no aching, though my throat is a bit scratchy and my ears feel a little itchy. I'm still taking the Dragon Slayer remedy twice daily. (So if I smell like garlic, you know why. Get over it.)

I've been taking Aleve D Cold & Sinus to stave off sinus symptoms, lots of orange juice, Crystal Light, Vitamin C Gummies, spicy southwestern soup, and lots of rest at home after work. Avoiding my family because I'm sick and I don't want to give this to anyone. These are my safeguards. Don't get me wrong; I'd love for someone to come and take care of me a little bit, but who would want to do that? I must be realistic.

Bronchitis has always been difficult for me to get over. Last year I had it for over a month before I finally went to the urgent care clinic for a shot. I had become so weak and worn down. Turns out it started with a sinus infection, which drained right into my lungs and became a full blown respiratory infection with bronchitis. They gave me a shot which really did make me feel like I might live after all, cough syrup loaded with codeine so that I could sleep, steroids and antibiotics. Yay, I was loaded up with some fine healing pharmaceuticals, and I started recovering fast.

I cough so hard my face goes dark red and I gasp and choke to get my breath back afterward. It scares the kids in my class because I sound like I'm choking and I look like I'm about to rupture blood vessels in my head. Usually it's just a few drops of blood when I cough though.

In short, I look and sound like I'm dying. Running is hopefully helping me to strengthen my poor lungs. Any little irritation after a bout with bronchitis sets me off, so I have to avoid people that smoke. Hey, didn't you know their right to smoke is more important than my right to clean air to breathe which doesn't make me labor to inhale? No? Well, smokers can be a little closed-minded about what their entitlements are, and most don't give a damn if they are actually hurting someone right here and now.

Running helps with general health and immunities, but with a chest cold or any symptoms below the neck, running is discouraged. With fever or a compromised ability to breathe, you put excessive strain on your heart to just keep running and breathing. I hate having to take time off from running, but I don't want to get REALLY sick.

I'm afraid to jinx myself, but I think the Dragon Slayer is actually helping. Yay. It may not cure it all instantly, but it gives the old immune system a good boost to squash the bug. If nothing else, it'll lessen the severity. I'm hoping I don't wake up with lungs full of mucus though. It would be a disappointment.

So... I'm not doing too badly tonight. I hope this is a positive sign. :)

I'd really like to get back to my training because I don't want to lose my progress, and I have some goals I'd like to meet. One of those goals is to maintain a solid fifteen minute mile. I know you aren't impressed. Lol. I am truly an out of shape beginner, suffering a whole lot of common beginner problems, but in May I will be able to say I've been running for a year, and I will advance myself to intermediate status. (Though just by the grace of being over 40, I'm in the Master Class of runners. It sounds impressive, but it just means over 40. I qualify for the Clydesdale category too, and that's less flattering. LOL)

Oh, I also bought some new running clothes, but I've been too tired to try them on. Capris and Zensah technical running shirts that were $40 but I got them on clearance for $9.99 each. Yay!). Neon pink shin and arm compression sleeves. If you're gonna wear them, ya might as well be bold, right? Besides, I plan to run in more cancer charity races, and the signature color is pink.

Someday, someday, I'll be in that magical zone where I can start running the miraculous five miles a day that will make me lose weight. Right now, I'm building up to it. :)

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